CfA – Joint Session 2020 at Science Po. Deadline is the 5th of November

Joint Session – 14-17 April 2020 at Science Po (France).

Citizenship Education and Challenges to Democracy: Exploring Educational Practices in the ‘Political Classroom’ Participation.

Abstract deadline is the 5th of November 2019

We are interested in and seek papers dealing with, but that are not limited to, the following topics:
• How current challenges to democracy are addressed in the ‘political classroom’.
• How critical discourses in citizenship education are shaped by social and educational ideals and structures.
• How critical discourses in citizenship education are both valued by students and teachers and linked to active citizenship and debate in the classroom.
• The expressed educational goal ‘to empower’ students to ‘exercise and defend democratic rights and play an active part in democratic life’; in light of the aforementioned criticism of citizenship education programmes, we welcome contributions that both focus on criticality and voice political initiatives.
• Teacher attitudes to controversies that facilitate discussion on research and teacher roles in political education.
• How civic educational practices are framed by educational structures (policies, curricula, legal regulations, and leadership) and thematised, practiced, and valued at different levels (the government, curricula, schools) in the education system; the workshop offers excellent opportunities to share and discuss research on educational structures and practices that address limits and options for critical thinking, debate, and more agonistic political practices (Mouffe, 2005) in various educational and cultural contexts.
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Trond Solhaug
Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim
Simone Abendschön
Justus-Liebig-University Giessen

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