We welcome Standing Group members to share information about upcoming events, publications and any matters related to citizenship research.

Steering Committee members

  • Andrea Szukala (andrea.szukala@uni-muenster.de)
  • Bernard Fournier (Bernard.Fournier@me.com)
  • Didem Çakmakli (‎didem.cakmakli@antalya.edu) 
  • Frank Reichert (reichert@hku.hk)
  • Gal Levy (galle@openu.ac.il)
  • Nora Siklodi (Nora.Siklodi@port.ac.uk‎)
  • Tuuli-Marja Kleiner (t.kleiner@thuenen.de)

If you would like to add anything to a newsletter, or have a publication listed, please contact Didem Çakmakli.

Nora Siklodi is responsible for the website. 

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