How to become a member of the Standing Group?

Currently the standing group for citizenship has 286 members. Membership is free for both ECPR members and non-members; however, you will need to create an ECPR account in order to become a member of the standing group.

Follow these steps to become a member:

  • Open ECPR website
  • Click on “our organisation” and open “standing group and research network
  • Choose Citizenship and click “DETAILS”
  • Click on “Join” – at this point you can choose to continue if you already have an ECPR account or “create a new account” (you do not need to be from an ECPR member institution) and once you have your new ECPR account continue to “Join”
  • ECPR member institution membership is automatic. 
  • Non-member institution membership status will be “pending” until we accept your application.

Please contact Nora Siklodi, if you have any problems with your membership.

Please note that membership to all standing groups is biennial. Every other year you will be asked to renew your membership. This is the same process as joining, and only takes one click of a button.