Next activities

Next activities   The Standing Group on Citizenship has been accepted as section for ECPR Glasgow with 8 panels! See abstract and panel titles on the page Events. Abstracts should be sent before February 15th, 2014. You are also invited to propose thematic focus for joint session in Warsaw (2015) by Feb.1st 2014.  

Don’t miss our open board meeting!

Don’t miss our open board meeting! The open board meeting of the Standing Group (SG) Citizenship during the General Conference of the ECPR which will be held in Bordeaux on Saturday 7 September, Room E111, time: 12.40 – 14.00.  

Newsletter and Call for Papers

Newsletter and Call for Papers Dear colleagues, This is the first newsletter for the Standing Group Citizenship. You will find: an invitation to propose panels in our section application for ECPR Glasgow – please contact us on October 31, 2013 – at the latest. an invitation to propose thematic focus in joint session application for Warsaw 2015 Newsletter and Call for Papers

Citizenship as field

Citizenship as field This year Norway celebrates the 100 year anniversary for women’s right to vote. A group of courageous women used clever rhetoric to carefully explain women’s disadvantaged political position and argued that justice in terms of equal right to vote should prevail. It took almost 100 years (since 1814) for the rights to Citizenship as field