New Steering Committee

New Steering Committee

Dear members of the Standing Group on Participation and Mobilization,


At the end of last year, we held elections for the new Steering Committee of the Standing Group on Participation and Mobilization. It has taken us a while to process the outcomes, but we are now happy to announce the new steering committee, which consists of Felix Butzlaff, Joost de Moor, Louisa Parks, Jan-Erik Refle, David Siroky and Lorenzo Zamponi. The steering committee will be in place until the end of 2023. Furthermore, we have agreed that Felix Butzlaff and David Siroky will be the Chair and Co-Chair for the next term.


We look forward to keeping the standing group an (inter-)active scholarly community, and as always, we welcome any suggestions or initiative from our members who feel like contributing to that.


For now, we would like to thank all members who nominated themselves, as well as the outgoing members of the steering committee, Katerina Vrablikova and Viviana Assara.


Best wishes,

Lorenzo, David, Jan, Louisa, Joost and Felix.


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