Newsletter November 2022

Dear POVB members,

We hope this newsletter finds you all well. We know it’s such a busy stage of the semester but we have some very important announcements regarding the POVB best paper prize, the joint sessions of workshops, our efforts for the coordination of joint research proposals, the general conference and news from our members.

Best Paper Prize

We are pleased to inform you that  the prize for the best paper presented in a panel from the SG on public opinion and voting behaviour in a comparative perspective during the last ECPR General Conference is awarded to:

Maurits Meijers, Björn Bremer, Theresa Kuhn and Francesco Nicoli for their paper “Partisan Cueing and Preferences for International Cooperation”


We would also like to thank the members of the selection committee Marina Costa Lobo (University of Lisbon), Eelco Harteveld (University of Amsterdam) and Romain Lachat (SciencesPo Paris) for their help and their support.

Below is a short quote from the committee to motivate the decision.

The prize committee, composed of Marina Costa Lobo (University of Lisbon), Eelco Harteveld (University of Amsterdam) and Romain Lachat (SciencesPo Paris) is pleased to award the ECPR Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective prize for the best paper presented at the 2022 ECPR General Conference to Maurits Meijers, Björn Bremer, Theresa Kuhn and Francesco Nicoli for their paper “Partisan Cueing and Preferences for International Cooperation”. In this paper, Meijers et al. present the results of pre-registered survey experiments in five countries to examine the effects of party cues on respondents’ positions on joint European debt. This paper contributes to the literature on partisan cue effects and pushes it further by theorising the role of both in- and out-party cues. The experimental design is well-thought out, and the analyses are presented with great care and nuance. The paper’s findings are important for EU politics too, as they show that parties have quite some leeway to structure support for measures that foster international cooperation.

Call for applications – Joint sessions 

The call for applications for the 2023 Joint Sessions of workshops is now open. The following two workshops are of particular interest to the members of our group. Note that the deadline for submitting abstracts is 9 January 2023.

Social Groups and Electoral Politics: Group Appeals, Targeted Policy and Voter Responses

Chair(s) Isabelle Guinaudeau (Sciences Po Paris) and Elisa Deiss-Helbig (Universität Stuttgart)

Generations and Political Change

Chair(s) Wouter van der Brug (University of Amsterdam) and Sylvia Kritzinger (University of Vienna)

Update on the ECPR Research Project Grant and the DataPopEU Conference

Unfortunately, we still do not have the decision of ECPR about the research project grant we have applied for. However, the draft Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 is already available and the first submission deadlines are in mid March 2023. In addition, the next collection date for COST Actions has already been published. In order to start preparing our joint submissions, we have decided to organise a mixed-mode meeting (both virtual and face to face) along with the DataPopEU Conference, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 7-8 December 2022. For non-Greek participants who wish to come to Thessaloniki and present their work on Populism and/or Euroscepticism, we may be able to cover part of the travel expenses. If you would like to participate in the meeting and/or the conference, please indicate your preferences at:

ECPR General Conference

The deadline (9 January 2023) for section proposals for the ECPR general conference in Prague 2023 is out: If you are planning to organise a section or a panel related to the themes of our standing group, and/or if you are willing to take the role of a chair or discussant in one of the panels in the section organised/endorsed by POVB SG, please do get in touch with us by December 16, 2022.

Below you can find the news from members we have received since our last newsletter:

 Special Issue of IPSR/RISP – Call for Papers deadline 16 January, 2023

Outlier or forerunner? Discussing the role and relevance of the Italian case in a broader context of democratic crisis Italy: outlier or forerunner?

You can find the call here

Call for Applications- PhD opportunity to undertake research in the following areas: parties and elections, public opinion

Deadline: 9 December  2022

We are currently recruiting a PhD candidate to join the Department of Politics, University of Surrey. The PhD programme provides state-of-the art research and teaching training and teaches professional skills in political science and international relations. The PhD candidate will be based at the Department of Politics. You may find more here. If you have any questions you may contact Dr Roula Nezi (

If you have news to share, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll include in our next newsletter.

Best wishes,

Ioannis Andreadis, Ruth Dassonneville and Roula Nezi

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