ECPR Research Project Grant (please respond before 12-9-2022)

As you already know from the newsletter we sent you on 03/08/2022, we plan to submit an application for the ECPR Research Project Grant (deadline 19 September 2022) that supports Standing Groups and Research Networks embarking on a large-scale research project and we have asked you to send us your proposals by the 20th of August. 

We had two candidate proposals (one on Political Trust and one on Populism and Euroscepticism) and we decided to ask the POVB SG members who participated in the 2022 Business Meeting (during the 2022 ECPR GC) to vote for their preferred one. The participants have read both the (anonymised) proposals and they have chosen the proposal on Populism and Euroscepticism.

If you wish to be involved in the application, please send us (before 12 September 2022) the following details:

1. Name and institution

2. Up to five competitive research grants you have been involved in

3. Up to five publications in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed journals in the area of the application

4. A link to your CV that includes the rest of your publications and research projects

Kind regards,

Ioannis, Roula and Ruth

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