Newsletter April 2023

Dear members of the ECPR POVB Standing Group,

Please find below some important information regarding the #ecprgc23 POVB section, the ECPR research grant and news from POVB members.

Evaluation of the proposals for the 2023 ECPR General Conference – Action needed immediately if you cannot present your paper

As you probably already know, ECPR has announced the outcome of the evaluation of the proposals for the 2023 ECPR General Conference. Our section has received more than 150 proposals. This means that we had to reject a very large number of high quality proposals. In taking our decision, we have combined four different criteria: i) evaluation of the quality and relevance of the proposal, ii) creating thematically-coherent and interesting panels iii) in case we had papers that were equal regarding the previous two criteria, preference was given to POVB SG members, than to non-members, iv) given the large number of proposals we have set rule for a maximum of one proposal per presenter in our section.

On the good news side, we were able to secure 12 panels (i.e. 60 papers) in our section and we have reserved one paper in each panel (this means that we have 12 papers reserved). Thus, if you cannot attend the conference, or if you have other papers accepted in other sections and you plan to present a paper in another section instead of the one accepted in our section, please email us immediately so that we can accept as soon as possible the corresponding reserved paper(s).

Please help POVB by serving as Panel Chair and/or Discussant and by selecting the candidates for the POVB SG Best Paper Prize 

Please note that this year all our panels have been created by us by putting selected, high quality, independently submitted proposals in thematically-coherent (at the level this was feasible) panels. This means that we need 12 discussants (and chairs) for these panels. Given that each individual may perform the function of discussant only once, we need at least 12 different individuals who will serve as discussants. If you already have the role of a discussant in another panel, you can be assigned the role of Panel Chair in one of our panels and if there is not a discussant in it, you can have the additional (unofficial) responsibility of discussing the papers in the panel you are chairing.

Please check our panels at and send us an email with all the panels you would be comfortable and willing to serve as a discussant or a chair. We very much need your help in this task, because we want to make sure that every paper presented in our section will be given useful feedback. We expect all POVB members who are able to provide useful feedback and especially the members who present a paper in one of the POVB panels to volunteer. 

Please note that the role of a discussant is very important in our panels because discussants select the best paper in their panel as a candidate for the POVB SG Best Paper Prize. The selection of the best paper among the 12 candidates will be done by the POVB Best Paper Selection Committee. In every step of the POVB Best Paper Prize procedure, we will make sure to address any conflicts of interest that may arise. Thus, if you volunteer to serve as a discussant/chair of a panel, please check the papers and their authors to make sure that there will be no conflict of interest in selecting the best paper of this panel.

Update on the ECPR Research Project Grant 

All POVB members who have been in the initial group of supporters of the ECPR Research Grant application have been invited to a hybrid meeting on the 5th of April which was organized by Professor Angelos Chryssogelos at London Metropolitan University immediately after the end of the PSA 2023 conference. During this meeting, a first draft text for a COST action proposal on Populism and Euroscepticism has been formulated and the potential structure of the working groups of this COST Action has been discussed. If you have a formal appointment with a university or another organization in the country you live, you can probably represent this country in the COST action proposal (if you have doubts, you may contact the corresponding COST national coordinator at: ). If you can represent a country, your work is related to populism or euroscepticism, and you are willing to contribute to the proposal, please contact the project leads: Ioannis Andreadis and Eftichia Teperoglou, even if you were not part of the initial group of supporters of the application (in this case please express your interest before the end of April 2023).

News from POVB members.

The research team of the project Web-based election studies of ELNES/HelpMeVote (based at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) offers survey space on two forthcoming Greek surveys. You can include your own items in these surveys. You can decide your sample size (500-1500 respondents). Translation to Greek language and programming of your items is included. Experimental manipulations of your items are feasible. For details, please see: 

Kind regards,

Ioannis, Roula and Ruth

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