SG on Political Representation: Calls, Jobs, and News

Dear members of the SG Political Representation,

We are writing to inform you about the latest developments:

First, there is change of leadership in our SG, which was confirmed at the last General Conference in Wroclaw 4-7.9.2019. The new SG is:

  • John-Erik Fossum, ARENA Oslo
  • Zoe Lefkofridi, University of Salzburg (Chair)
  • Lasse Thomassen, Queen Mary, London

All three are excited about steering this SG for the next three years! We would like to thank all our predecessors, most notably Sandra Kröger, who brought this SG into life.

                                                THANK YOU SANDRA!

We are grateful not only for all your work in bringing us all together in this SG but also for organizing us as well for the past years. We hope that the SG under the new leadership will live up to your standards.

Lasse will update the website accordingly. If any member who wishes to advertise calls, positions etc. please  email always mentioning “SG political representation” in the subject line.

Second, the Call for sections for the next ECPR General Conference in Innsbruck, Austria (26 – 28 August 2020) is now open.

Our wish is that Political Representation is a core topic at the General Conference and we invite you to shape the activities the upcoming Conference. Since proposals endorsed by Standing Groups have significantly higher chances of getting approved by the ECPR, we are looking forward to receiving your section proposals!

Our intra-SG deadline for proposals is the 30th October 2019. (This gives us enough time to coordinate within the SG until the ecpr’s official deadline a couple of weeks later).  

Your proposal should contain:

  • Title of the Section
  • Abstract (250 words)
  • 3-8 well-developed Panel ideas (what kind of Panels do you plan for the Section? include themes and potential Chairs)
  • a biography of each Section Chair (250 words).
  • The Section Co-Chair’s email address, as registered in their MyECPR account.

Also, if you want to get engaged in drafting a proposal but you are still in search of a section co-chair, please drop us line – one of the purposes of the SG is to help coordinate such activities within our community.

Third, there are SIX excellent job opportunities for young researchers:

Please circulate these calls among your MA students and your colleagues.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best wishes,

John Erik, Lasse and Zoe

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