Call for Panel Proposals for 2018 ECPR General Conference

As in the previous years, the Steering Committee has drafted a Section Proposal for the upcoming, 2018 ECPR General Conference. Our proposal is titled ‘“The people want” active citizenship: New ideals, new practices and new settings?’ and focuses on the issue of active citizenship, with a special interest in the following areas:
  • Ideals and challenges of active citizenship; including its meaning and significance; as well as any revisions and/or recent advances which has strengthened, altered or potentially defied theoretical expectations.
  • Practices, realisations and attitudes linked to active citizenship, including empirical explorations of the activism, struggle and dispositions of citizens and non-citizens which may occur; and the involvement and responses of legal, political, educational and economic institutions.
  • Settings of and localities for active citizenship, including possible ideological as well as socio-spatial divisions – that is within and between non/globalized and non/democratic regions, states and urban settings; as well as the related divisions that emerge within and between classes, generations and cultures.
  • Educational structures and practices which address/affect active citizenship, participation and social change.
You can find the complete section abstract here: CfPanels-2018-ECPR-SG-Citizenship.pdf
The deadline for panel proposals in the first instance is 10 November 2017.


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