Section on ‘New Insights in the Practice and Research of Transitional Justice’– 2017 ECPR General Conference, Oslo

At the ECPR general conference in Oslo, the ECPR Standing Group on Transitional Justice and Human Rights organised a section on ‘New Insights in the Practice and Research of Transitional Justice’.

This section brought together established scholars, early career researchers and practitioners in the interdisciplinary field of transitional justice. The seven panels took place on 8th and 9th September 2017 in Oslo. They addressed current debates in the field, including questions on participation in, and support of, transitional justice processes; the concept of transformative justice and the construction of transitional justice as a practice and narrative. Participants also discussed innovative and still under-researched themes such as archives and transitional justice; or the implementation record of the recommendations of truth commissions. One panel adopted a regional focus on Latin American truth commissions, whilst the other panels included papers with comparative approaches, or single case studies, including presentations on the contexts of Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Northern Ireland and Germany.

An overview of the section and uploaded papers can be found here.

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