Steering Committee Election

Steering Committee Election

Dear Standing Group members,


According to our Standing Group’s constitution (see attachment), our SG is governed by a Steering Committee which is selected from among the SG’s members every two years. This December, the current Steering Committee will be in place two years. The nomination/election procedure for Steering Committee members should be held six months before the incumbent Steering Committee’s term expires, which is now.

The first round of this selection process consists of inviting the members of the SG to consider nominating themselves as candidates for the Steering Committee. I hereby kindly invite all of you to consider becoming a member of the Steering Committee. In practical terms, being a member of the Steering Committee involves activities such as making sure that SG activities are organised (e.g., sections at conferences), organising SG activities, and contributing to the SG’s decision-making process. If you decide you want to be a candidate, please send a notification to me by email at before October 20, 2017. (I realise this is still far away, but we would like to make use of the General Conference in Oslo to extend our call for nominations).

If no more than six people nominate themselves, the nominees automatically become members of the steering committee. If more than six members nominate themselves, online elections will be held. If this is the case, you will be informed in due time. The SG’s to conveners will be selected by the new Steering Committee from among its members.


I look forward to your responses.


Joost de Moor and Laura Morales (Conveners)

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