Latest issue of Journal of European Social Policy

Volume 28 Issue 5, December 2018


  • Distribution regimes and redistribution effects during retrenchment and crisis: A cui bono analysis of unemployment replacement rates of various income categories in 31 welfare states (Detlef Jahn)
  • Immigrants and poverty, and conditionality of immigrants’ social rights (Beatrice Eugster)
  • The family working-time model: Towards more gender equality in work and care (Kai-Uwe Müller, Michael Neumann, Katharina Wrohlich)
  • The governance of poverty: Welfare reform, activation policies, and social assistance benefits and caseloads in Nordic countries (Renate Minas, Vibeke Jakobsen, Timo Kauppinen, Tomas Korpi, Thomas Lorentzen)
  • A burden to the welfare state? Expectations of non-EU migrants on welfare support (Marco Albertini, Michela Semprebon)
  • An East–West comparison of healthcare evaluations in Europe: Do institutions matter? (Tamara Popic, Simone M. Schneider)
  • Distributional impact of taxes and social transfers in Russia over the downturn (Daria Popova, Mikhail Matytsin, Emily Sinnot)
  • Fiscal welfare in Europe: Why should we care and what do we know so far? (Nathalie Morel, Chloé Touzet, Michaël Zemmour)

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