Latest issue of Research & Politics

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2019: Special Issue on “Political Consequences of Technological Change”

Kurer, T., & Palier, B. (2019). Shrinking and shouting: the political revolt of the declining middle in times of employment polarization. Research & Politics

Peugny, C. (2019). The decline in middle-skilled employment in 12 European countries: New evidence for job polarisation. Research & Politics

Kurer, T., & Gallego, A. (2019). Distributional consequences of technological change: Worker-level evidence. Research & Politics

Im, Z. J., Mayer, N., Palier, B., & Rovny, J. (2019). The “losers of automation”: A reservoir of votes for the radical right? Research & Politics

Meyer, B., & Biegert, T. (2019). The conditional effect of technological change on collective bargaining coverage. Research & Politics

Gingrich, J. (2019). Did State Responses to Automation Matter for Voters? Research & Politics

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