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Latest issue of Research & Politics

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2019: Special Issue on “Political Consequences of Technological Change” Kurer, T., & Palier, B. (2019). Shrinking and shouting: the political revolt of the declining middle in times of employment polarization. Research & Politics. Peugny, C. (2019). The decline in middle-skilled employment in 12 European countries: New evidence for job polarisation. Research & Latest issue of Research & Politics

Latest issue of Journal of European Social Policy

Volume 28 Issue 5, December 2018 Articles Distribution regimes and redistribution effects during retrenchment and crisis: A cui bono analysis of unemployment replacement rates of various income categories in 31 welfare states (Detlef Jahn) Immigrants and poverty, and conditionality of immigrants’ social rights (Beatrice Eugster) The family working-time model: Towards more gender equality in work Latest issue of Journal of European Social Policy

Latest issue of New Political Economy

Issue 6, Volumn 23, 2018 Articles Post-truth Politics, Bullshit and Bad Ideas: ‘Deficit Fetishism’ in the UK (Jonathan Hopkin & Ben Rosamond) Economic Competition, Policy Interdependence, and Labour Rights (Zhiyuan Wang) How Do Business Interest Groups Respond to Political Challenges? A Study of the Politics of German Employers (Thomas Paster) How Low Can It Go? Latest issue of New Political Economy

Latest socio-economic review issue

Volume 16, Issue 3, July 2018 Articles How to become a judgment device: valuation practices and the role of auctions in the emerging Chinese art market (Svetlana Kharchenkova; Olav Velthuis) For what it’s worth: the political construction of quality in French and Italian wine markets (Elizabeth Carter) Mercantilist dualization: the introduction of the euro, redistribution Latest socio-economic review issue