Latest issue of New Political Economy

Issue 6, Volumn 23, 2018


  • Post-truth Politics, Bullshit and Bad Ideas: ‘Deficit Fetishism’ in the UK (Jonathan Hopkin & Ben Rosamond)
  • Economic Competition, Policy Interdependence, and Labour Rights (Zhiyuan Wang)
  • How Do Business Interest Groups Respond to Political Challenges? A Study of the Politics of German Employers (Thomas Paster)
  • How Low Can It Go? Analysing the Political Economy of Carbon Market Design and Low Carbon Prices (Kate Ervine)
  • Quantitative Easing Forever? Financialisation and the Institutional Legitimacy of the Federal Reserve’s Unconventional Monetary Policy (Antti Ronkainen & Ville-Pekka Sorsa)
  • Clean Energy Trade Governance: Reconciling Trade Liberalism and Climate Interventionism? (Christopher M. Dent)
  • Welfare Capitalism in Post-Industrial Times: Trilemma or Power Over Rents? (Paul Lewis, Fei Peng & Magnus Ryner)
  • Accounting for Income-Contingent Loans as a Policy Hybrid: Politics of Discretion and Discipline in Financialising Welfare States (Ben Spies-Butcher & Gareth Bryant)
  • The Revival of Private Landlords in Britain’s Post-Homeownership Society (Richard Ronald & Justin Kadi)
  • Contesting Actually Existing Austerity (Oscar Berglund)

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