Latest socio-economic review issue

Volume 16, Issue 3, July 2018


  • How to become a judgment device: valuation practices and the role of auctions in the emerging Chinese art market (Svetlana Kharchenkova; Olav Velthuis)
  • For what it’s worth: the political construction of quality in French and Italian wine markets (Elizabeth Carter)
  • Mercantilist dualization: the introduction of the euro, redistribution of industry rents, and wage inequality in Germany, 1993–2008 (Fabian Ochsenfeld)
  • How regimes shape preferences. A study of political actors’ labour market policy preferences in flexicurity and dualizing countries (Flavia Fossati)
  • Identity priming and public opinion on income inequality: robustness testing of the micro-level mechanism of the paradox of redistribution (Takanori Sumino)
  • Domestic obstacles to labor standards: law enforcement and informal institutions in Argentina’s garment industry (Matías Dewey)

Discussion Forum

  • Diversified quality production revisited: its contribution to German socio-economic performance over time (Arndt Sorge; Wolfgang Streeck)
  • Diversified Quality Production 2.0: on Arndt Sorge and Wolfgang Streeck, ‘Diversified quality production re-visited: Its contribution to German socioeconomic performance over time’ (Lucio Baccaro; Virginia Doellgast; Tony Edwards; Josh Whitford)

Review Symposium

  • On Gabriel Abend’s, The Moral Background, An Inquiry into the History of Business Ethics, Princeton NJ, Princeton University Press, 2014.

SASE Presidential Address

  • New forms of competition in higher education (Christine Musselin)

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