Cfp: ‘New Approaches to the Study of Religion and Peace’

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers for the panel on ‘New Approaches to the Study of Religion and Peace’ to be presented at the Joint conference of the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion (NGG) and the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR), also ranked as special conference of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) “Religion and Pluralities of Knowledge”. University of Groningen, 11-15 May 2014.

Short Abstract:

The study of the religious involvement in conflict, peacemaking and peacebuilding has mainly focused on the role of religion in good governance issues, such as state building in the so-called track II or non-official diplomacy. In addition, interreligious dialogue, faith-based diplomacy, and the role of religion in restorative justice and reconciliation have been some of the main concerns in the field. The majority of these studies have considered religion as an ally to liberal peacebuilding models.

The purpose of this panel is to challenge some of the dominant views in the study of religion and peace by proposing alternative paths of analysis. The papers will enhance the field through the proposal of critical analysis of concepts and theories through theoretical, historical, and empirical contributions. Papers include research on grassroots experiences of peacebuilding, religion and transformative reparation, religion and social justice, and religion and transitional justice from below.

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