The world-leading conference on politics and gender

European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG)

6 – 8 July 2022, University of Ljubljana

Registration now open! Make sure you register here by 4 May 2022, midnight UK time.

The flagship conference of our Standing Group on Gender and Politicsoffers a global platform for exchange around how understanding gender is key to understanding politics, and where diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies are enhanced.

Following the pre-conference event held in July 2021, the ECPG 2022 is planned to be held in Southeast Europe for the very first time, at the University of Ljubljana.

In a nutshell

Organised biennially since 2009, the ECPG has established itself as a prestigious gathering that:

  • Helps advance the study of gender and sexuality in politics
  • Strengthens ties within the global community of scholars in the field, at all stages of their career
  • Engages with the research on race and intersectionality, sexuality, on men and the masculine and those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer or intersex

Registration and fees

Have an accepted role or proposal? You may register from Monday 14 February (noon UK time) until Wednesday 4 May (midnight UK time). 

  • Standard €250.00 (incl. VAT)
  • Student €150.00 (incl. VAT)

About the Standing Group

The ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics forms a broad-based network on issues relating to the study of gender and sexuality in politics and world politics. The Group actively encourages workshops, panels and research groups with an emphasis on gender and seeks to increase the profile of women in the main fields of political science. 

NB: While we are actively planning to host a physical event in Ljubljana, we are prepared to adopt a hybrid, or a fully virtual format, if necessary.


Previous Conferences

  • 6th European Conference on Politics and Gender – Amsterdam, 2019 

    • Convener: Isabelle Engeli
    • Keynote speaker: Akwugo Emejulu (University of Warwick)
    • Keynote address: “Notes from a Catastrophe”
  • 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender – Lausanne, 2017 

    • Co-conveners: Isabelli Engeli, Elizabeth Evans & Liza Mügge
    • Keynote speaker: Shirin M. Rai (University of Warwick)
    • Keynote address: “The Good Life and the Bad: Changing Landscapes of Gender Inequality”
  • 4th European Conference on Politics and Gender – Uppsala, 2015 

    • Co-conveners: Isabelli Engeli, Elizabeth Evans & Liza Mügge
    • Keynote speaker: Joni Lovenduski (Birbeck College, University of London)
    • Keynote address: “Feminism and Political Science”
  • 3rd European Conference on Politics and Gender – Barcelona, 2013 

    • Co-conveners: Karen Celis & Isabelle Engeli
    • Keynote speaker: Drude Dahlerup (Stockholm University)
    • Keynote address: “Conceptualizing the Breaking of Male Dominance in Politics”
  • 2nd European Conference on Politics and Gender – Budapest, 2011 

    • Co-conveners: Faith Armitage & Karen Celis
    • Keynote speaker: Mieke Verloo (Radbout University Nijmegen)
    • Keynote address: “Gender Equality Policies as Interventions in a Changing World”
  • 1st European Conference on Politics and Gender – Belfast, 2009 

    • Co-conveners: Karen Celis & Johanna Kantola
    • Keynote speaker: Judity Squires (University of Bristol)
    • Keynote address: “Gender Equality: Institutional and Theoretical Challenges”