CfP Panel “It’s a new day, it’s a new life…” – national identity from the perspective of naturalized citizens- 2018 ECPR General Conference

PANEL TITLE “It’s a new day, it’s a new life…” – national identity from the perspective of naturalized citizens.

Panel chair: Dr Isabel Estrada Carvalhais (Centre of Research in Political Science, CICP, University of Minho,
Panel co-chair: Dr Catarina Reis Oliveira (High Commission for Migrations, Observatório das Migrações,


Panel description: The panel wishes to address questions such as: what is to be a “national citizen” from the perspective of those who acquire it via naturalization?; what is that naturalized citizens value in their definition of ‘national identity’? What makes a person wish to acquire a new nationality? How does the individual conciliate ‘old’ and ‘new’ experiences of citizenship and national identity?

The panel intends to look at these questions from the perspective of the agent’s discourse, privileging the share of qualitative research that may be under way or concluded.

We deem these questions are important to understand the role that “new citizens” play in the making of “national identity” as a collective, dynamic and non-fixed project. Despite its relevance, this problematic attracts less attention than the (often quantitative and comparative ) analysis of structural elements such as policies of integration, nationality laws and policies of citizenship, eclipsing thus much of the agents’ experiences and perspectives about national identity.

Paper proposals should include title of the paper and abstract (150-250 words).

The paper proposals should be sent via email to Isabel Estrada Carvalhais by 09th of February 2018.

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