Minutes SG Business Meeting- ECPR Hamburg


ECPR General Conference, Hamburg, 24th of August 2018

Chairs: Daniela Vintila and Filippo Dionigi


  1. Welcome
  • Welcome- Daniela Vintila and Filippo Dionigi
  • Agenda approval
  • SG Migration and Ethnicity has 275 members (75 new members since ECPR Oslo)


  1. Recent SG activities
  • Website: http://standinggroups.ecpr.eu/ie/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ECPR_Migration (466 followers since April 2017)
  • Newsletter: 2 SG newsletters published since ECPR Oslo (October 2017 & June 2018). All members are welcome to contribute. Announcements should include: CfPs, new publications, vacancies, and other information related to the activity of the SG. Please provide all links and relevant deadlines for your submission in your message
  • SG Section at 2018 ECPR GC Hamburg: S28 “Evaluating Policies of Immigrant Integration and Their Outcomes: A Critical Assessment from a Multilevel Perspective”. Section coordinated by Daniela and Filippo. 8 full panels.
  • SG dinner at ECPR Hamburg: around 30 participants
  • Endorsement 2019 Joint Sessions Mons: Workshop “Migrants’ Access to Welfare in Times of Crisis: Policy Transformations and Migrants’ Experiences in the EU” coordinated by Jean-Michel Lafleur & Eloisa del Pino: https://ecpr.eu/Events/PanelDetails.aspx?PanelID=7662&EventID=121 Deadline for paper proposals- 03/12/2018


  • Future SG activities
  • 2019 ECPR General Conference
  • When: 4-7 September 2019
  • Where: Wroklaw, Poland
  • Two-stage selection process: 1) Call for Sections: 17 September – 19 November 2018 (3-8 panels on a specific topic); 2) Call for full Panels & individual Papers: 5 December 2018 – 18 February 2019. All panel proposals must include 3-5 papers.
  • Aim to encourage joint activities with other groups:
  • IMISCOE Group on Migration, Citizenship, and Political Participation (MIGCITPOL)- Directors: Daniela Vintila, Ana Margheritis, Luicy Pedroza- https://www.imiscoe.org/research/standing-committees/154-migration-citizenship-and-political-participation
  • IPSA RC46 on Migration and Citizenship- Chair: Yasmeen Abu-Laban- http://rc46.ipsa.org/. If you wish to be added to the mailing list and join the activities of RC46 please email the RC46 Chair, Dr. Yasmeen Abu-Laban at yasmeen@ualberta.ca with the subject line “RC46”.


  1. ECPR meeting of the Standing Group Convenors
  • Political Research Exchange (PRX): https://ecpr.eu/ContentPage.aspx?ID=559 Editors: Alexandra Segerberg & Simona Guerra; Gold Open Access; it welcomes theoretical, methodological & empirical contributions from all fields, including comparative politics, IR, political communication, political sociology, political thought, public administration, and interdisciplinary work with a predominantly political dimension
  • Renewal SG membership: every 2 years (next renewal end of 2018)
  • SG membership fees: no compulsory fees, although some SGs accept voluntary donations


  1. Announcements & feedback
  • The SG convenors will explore the possibility of organising joint activities with other similar groups.
  • Discussion regarding a SG award for the best paper, publication, etc.
  • Discussion regarding the syllabus bank of the APSA Section on Migration and Citizenship: https://connect.apsanet.org/s43/syllabus-bank/

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