Elections ECPR Standing Group Migration and Ethnicity: become a member of the Steering Committee

Dear members of ECPR SG Migration and Ethnicity,

Our Standing Group is renewing its Steering Committee. Therefore, we are calling for self-nominations for new members of the Committee to be elected and serve a three-year term.

There are five vacant seats for the Steering Committee. If you wish to become a candidate, please send us a short (300 words max) biographical statement and rationale for joining the Steering Committee (including also your institutional affiliation and contact details). The statement should be sent via email to Daniela Vintila, Filippo Dionigi, and David Siroky by 14th of December 2019. Soon after we will hold elections online on the ECPR website and all Standing Group members are invited to participate.

You can find more details about the election procedure here. More information about our Group is available here. Steering Committee members are expected to be actively involved in all Standing Group activities, including participation in the ECPR Annual Conference. They are also expected to participate on a regular basis in the management of the group (including preparation of the SG newsletter, social media presence, drafting and organising proposals for the ECPR Annual Conference and Joint Sessions, keeping in touch with SG members, etc.). As of today, the SG Migration and Ethnicity has 280 members and has been among the most active SGs in ECPR organising some of the largest and well-attended sections at the ECPR Annual Conference.

All of you will agree that the subject of this Standing Group has gained unprecedented relevance in the past few years. During the last mandate, our Group has also become very active in several ECPR events, including the Annual Conference and the Joint Sessions. Thus, we hope that many of you will decide to submit your candidacy or participate in the activity of the group in any way so that we can make it the venue for dynamic and engaging academic exchange.

We look forward to meeting many of you at the excellent initiatives that are organised by ECPR and invite you to contact us with questions, feedback, or proposals relating to the group activity whenever you wish or need.

With best regards,

Daniela Vintila, Filippo Dionigi and David Siroky

Coordinators of the ECPR SG Migration and Ethnicity

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