Newsletter March 2020: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

Newsletter March 2020: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

A Warm Goodbye: January 2020 ended the three-year mandate of the Steering Committee Conveners Filippo Dionigi and David Siroky. A huge thank you to both of them for their professionalism and contributions to our SG.

A Warm Welcome: After the recent SG elections, we welcome the new Convenors (mandate 2020–2023):

Daniela Vintila, Université de Liège, SG chair. Main research lines: EU citizenship, immigration and diaspora policies, political engagement of immigrant minorities, migrants’ access to welfare

Angeliki Konstantinidou, Sciences Po Paris. Main research lines: social citizenship, migrants’ political rights, diaspora engagement, migrants’ social protection, public opinion towards migrations

Roberta Perna, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Main research lines: migration and welfare state, EU migrants’ healthcare rights, politics of migrants’ welfare deservingness, multi-level governance of labor migration and asylum

Victoria Finn, Universidad Diego Portales and Leiden University. Main research lines: migrant voting, political resocialization, citizenship, South American regional migration governance

Verena Wisthaler, European Academy of Bolzano. Main research lines: immigration at the regional and local level, role of political actors


ECPR General Conference in Innsbruck, 26–28 August 2020: At the Annual ECPR General Conference, the Migration and Ethnicity SG has endorsed Section S35 “International Migration Policies and Politics: Current Challenges and Opportunities” organized by Daniela Vintila and Angeliki Konstantinidou.


Call for Contributions: New Book Series: Refugees and Migrants within the Middle East – This series, published by the American University of Cairo Press, explores new research on refugees and migrants within the Middle East and North Africa, drawing from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Looking for proposals on the legacies of migration on the region, the agency and humanity of refugees, and their resistance to silencing.
  • Send proposals (rolling deadlines) to Stacy Fahrenthold,    


Latest Publications from SG Members

Askim, Jostein, and Anton Steen. (2020). Trading Refugees: The Governance of Refugee Settlement in a Decentralized Welfare State. Scandinavian Political Studies, 23:1, 24–45.

Brunarska, Zuzanna. (2020). Post-Soviet Migrants in Poland: A Uniform or Heterogeneous Population? In M. Denisenko, S. Strozza, and M. Light (Eds.) Migration from the Newly Independent States. 25 Years After the Collapse of the USSR. Societies and Political Orders in Transition. Cham: Springer, pp. 511–532.     

Carvalho, João. (2020). Immigrants’ Acquisition of National Citizenship in Portugal and Spain: The Role of Multiculturalism? Citizenship Studies, 24:2, 228–246.

Cleton, Laura. (2020). Book review: Deported Americans: Life After Deportation to Mexico by Beth C. Caldwell. PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review.

Cleton, Laura, and Sébastien Chauvin.   (2020). Performing Freedom in the Dutch Deportation Regime: Bureaucratic Persuasion and the Enforcement of ‘Voluntary Return.’ Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46:1, 297–313.

Cleton, Laura, and Reinhard Schweitzer. (2020). Using or Inducing Aspirations? On the Role of Return Counsellors in the Implementation of ‘Assisted Voluntary Return’ Policies in Austria and the Netherlands. IMI Working Paper Series, 160, 1–22.

Duszczyk, Maciej, Marta Pachocka, and Dominika Pszczółkowska (Eds.) (2020). Relations between Immigration and Integration Policies in Europe. Routledge.

Finn, Victoria. (2020). Migrant Voting: Here, There, in Both Countries, or Nowhere. Citizenship Studies.

Lafleur, Jean-Michel and Daniela Vintila. (2020). Consular Assistance for Citizens in Distress: A Comparison of National Policies of EU Member States, Switzerland and the UK. MiTSoPro Working Paper.                                           

Lutz, Philipp. (2020). Loved and Feared: Citizens’ Ambivalence towards Free Movement in the European Union. Journal of European Public Policy.

Lutz, Philipp, David Kaufmann, and Anna Stünzi. (2020). Humanitarian protection as a European public good: The strategic role of states and refugeesJournal of Common Market Studies.

Pecoraro, Marco, and Didier Ruedin. (2020). Occupational Exposure to Foreigners and Attitudes towards Equal Opportunities. Migration Studies.

Sabchev, Tihomir Y., and Moritz G.N. Baumgärtel. (2020). The Path of Least Resistance? EU Cities and Locally Organised Resettlement. Forced Migration Review, 63, 38–40.

Tsourapas, Gerasimos. (2020). Theorizing State-Diaspora Relations in the Middle East: Authoritarian Emigration States in Comparative Perspective. Mediterranean Politics, 25:2, 135–159.

Umpierrez de Reguero, Sebastián, and Régis Dandoy. (2020). Extending the incumbency presence abroad. The case of MPAIS in Ecuadorian elections. In: T. Kernalegenn and E. van Haute (Eds.) Political Parties Abroad: A New Arena for Party Politics. Abingdon: Routledge.

Wallaschek, Stefan. (2020). The Discursive Construction of Solidarity: Analysing Public Claims in Europe’s Migration Crisis. Political Studies, 68:1, 74–92.

Xhardez, Catherine. (2020). Citizenship as a Rhetorical Tool of Nation-Building. Discourse in Flanders and Quebec. Citizenship Studies.

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