Newsletter March 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

Newsletter March 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

SG News: Join us for our next ECPR Online Seminar Series in Migration and Ethnicity on 25 March 2021 at 16:00 CET. Speaker: Marco Martiniello (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies [CEDEM], University of Liege). Seminar title: “Anti-Racist Mobilisations in Europe: Changes and Continuities”.

Visiting Opportunity: Institute for Minority Rights at Eurac Research (Italy) is hosting early career researchers (with completed PhD) for a research project on Actors & Immigration (political actors, political parties, civil society, social movements) or on Immigration & Multi-level Governance or Political Participation of Migrants, funded by the Mobility Scheme of the Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano, between 6-24 months. To apply, contact:; deadline: 20.04.2021.

Call for Papers: “Media and Migration in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Discourses, Policies and Practices in Times of Crisis”. Editors Vasiliki Tsagkroni (Leiden Uni.), Amanda Alencar (Erasmus Uni. Rotterdam), & Dimitris Skleparis (Newcastle Uni.). Send abstracts to:;; Deadline for Abstracts: 31.03.2021 (max. 250 words, with tentative title); full papers Oct. 2021; publication Apr./Jun. 2022.

SG Member News on Projects and Activities:

New project “Whole-COMM: Exploring the Integration of Post-2014 Migrants in Small and Medium-Sized Towns and Rural Areas from a Whole of Community Perspective”, H2020 project coordinated by Collegio Carlo Alberto with FIERI and brings together 12 institutions; scientific direction by Tiziana Caponio.

The Brussels Interdisciplinary Research Center on Migration and Minorities is collaborating as research partner in two H2020 projects: the Whole-COMM project (see above); the BRIDGES project exploring the causes and consequences of migration narratives in the context of increasing politicisation and polarization.

New project: “Police, Politics, Polis–Policing refugees in the city” (1.1.2021-31.12.2023), coordinated by Georgios Terizakis (HfPV), Michael Haus (Uni. of Heidelberg) & Sybille Münch (Leuphana). Researchers: Marilena Geugjes (HfPV), Svenja Keitzel (Heidelberg) & Leonie Jantzer (Leuphana). Funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation. Contact:

“NowHereland Revisited in Times of Pandemic”: project coordinated by the Center for Health and Migration, Vienna; support from IOM, Geneva. Data collection on access to social services for undocumented migrants in Switzerland and updating policy indicators developed in 2010 in the project “Health Care in NowHereland: Improving Services for Undocumented Migrants in the EU”.

Completed project: “The effects of COVID-19 on mental health of Syrian refugees in Istanbul” (1.06-31.12.2020), funded by a Covid-19 ODA Rapid Response Fund. PI: Luca Bernardi (Uni. of Liverpool); Co-PI: Ozge Zihnioglu (Uni. of Liverpool); Advisor: Ian H. Gotlib (Stanford Uni.). A two-wave panel (CATI) survey took a representative sample of Syrian refugees in Istanbul to study the influence of COVID-19 life changes on their mental health. Our questionnaire integrated the CoRonavIruS Health Impact Survey by the National Institute of Mental Health with mental disorder measures (i.e., depression/anxiety/stress).

COST Action: “Women on the Move (WEMov)”, COST Action CA19112 is a 4-year transdisciplinary network of European researchers lead by the Uni. of Paris focusing on historic & contemporary female labour mobility spanning six centuries to the present. Supported by the Division International Cooperation of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF); the WEMov Management Committee will contribute especially to WG 2 Memory and identity & 4 Family, kinship and community networks.

The GLIMER project launched ‘Overarching Policy Briefs’ describing key recommendations from research on accommodation, language provision, labour market integration, & gender inequality across case studies of asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland, Sweden, Italy and Cyprus.

Training Activity: EURAC Marie Sklodowska-Curie Week 2021 Webinar Series (4-11 June 2021) offers young, talented researchers selected by the Eurac Institutes and Centers training & support to develop a winning MSCA-Postdoctoral Fellowship proposal. They will develop their proposal with experienced researchers, learn from MSC fellows, and discuss with Eurac experts and an MSCA evaluator. While the EU-average success rate for MSCA-PF proposals is 14%, thanks to the MSC Week, the Eurac average is around 35%. We are looking for researchers in migration and ethnicity, focused on actors (political actors/civil society actors/social movements) or substate levels (regions/cities). Deadline: 28.04.2021. For questions, contact

Latest Publications from SG Members

Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D’Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (2021). Migration, Equality and Racism. 44 Opinions. Brussels: VUBPress.

Cerrina Feroni, G., Federico V., & Ibrido R. (2021). Governing through uncertainty? Migration law and governance in a comparative perspective. DPCE Online, 45(4), 5130-5135.        

D’Agostino, S. (2021). Anti-Gypsyism: When a ‘Specific’ Form of Racism Is Considered ‘Reasonable’. In Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D’Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds) Migration, Equality and Racism. 44 Opinions, pp. 206-209. Brussels: VUBPress.     

Dimari, G. (2021). Desecuritizing migration in Greece: Contesting securitization through “flexicuritization”, International Migration, online first.

Esien, E.B. (2021). Decision making, Interest intermediation, and Value Decision making, Interest intermediation, and Value. In Governments, Public, and Private Agencies Corporatism for Work Promotion. Danube: Law, Economics and Social Issues Review, 11(4), 324-342.

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Lutz, P., Stünzi A., & Manser-Egli S. (2021). Responsibility-sharing in refugee protection: Lessons from climate governance. International Studies Quarterly, online first.

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Slominski, P., & Trauner F. (2021). Reforming me softly – how soft law has changed EU return policy since the migration crisis. West European Politics, 44(1), 93-113.           

Vink, M., Tegunimataka A., Peters F., & Bevelander P. (2021). Long-Term Heterogeneity in Immigrant Naturalization: The Conditional Relevance of Civic Integration and Dual Citizenship. European Sociological Review.

Zufferey, J., Steiner I., & Ruedin D. (2021). The Multiple Forms of Migration: Evidence from a Sequence Analysis in Switzerland 1998 to 2008. International Migration Review, 55(1), 254–279.

Press and Media Publications

Bernardi, L., Zihnioglu O., and Gotlib I.H. (2020) The Syrian Refugee Mental Health Panel Study: The COVID-19 Report. December 2020.

Fossati, F., Knotz, C., Gandenberger, M. and Bonoli, G. (2021) Unterstützung für die Schwächsten: Die öffentliche Meinung in der Schweiz während der Corona Pandemie. In: Ewert, C. and Heyne, L. (eds.) One Year with Covid-19. Democracy.Net

“What Happened to the Multicultural City?”, a multimedia publication by L. Cianetti (Royal Holloway, University of London) and artists F. Moledina (Birmingham), A. Francisco “Diaphra” (Lisbon), A. Strokins (Riga), and G. Mbengue (Turin).

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