Newsletter June 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

Newsletter June 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

SG News: Join us tomorrow, 16 June 2021 at 16:00 CET, for our next ECPR Online Seminar Series in Migration and Ethnicity. Speaker: Laura Morales (Sciences Po Paris). Seminar title: “Survey research on the integration of ethnic and migrant minorities (EMMs) across Europe: Identifying research strengths and gaps with the survey metadata of the EMM Survey Registry”.

The ECPR General Conference, 30 August – 3 September 2021, is approaching! Register by 20 July 2021, upload your papers by 03 August 2021, and check out the panels on our Standing Group’s endorsed Section, “International Migration: Challenges for Politics, Governance, and Society”.


CfP for the online Workshop Ethics and privacy of big data use for migration research, 7–8 October 2021, organised by the HumMingBird consortium, the SoBigData++ consortium, and the IMISCOE Meth@Mig Standing Committee. Deadline: 10 July 2021.

Call for data producers to help create a COVID-19 collection for the EMM Survey Registry. COST Action 16111- ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, the H2020 SSHOC project, and the ANR project FAIRETHMIGQUANT have launched a special COVID-19 collection for the EMM Survey Registry—a free online tool for learning about existing quantitative surveys in Europe and beyond. If you are data producer of a COVID-19 survey that includes EMM respondents (min. 250 individuals), please consider contributing metadata by following the instructions provided in this infosheet. Questions? Email

Call for award and prize nominations by The Comparative Network on Refugee Externalisation Policies (CONREP): “The Best Journal Article or Book Chapter Prize”, “The Best Creative and Innovative Work Prize”, and “Publication Support Prize for Refugees”. Submission deadline: 2 July 2021, Email nominations to:

SG Member Activities:

Online Webinar, tomorrow, 16 June 2021, 12:00–13:30 CEST: Migration and the European Union: Multi-Level Governance as a Solution, organised by the European Committee of the Regions, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), and the Austrian Institute for Federalism.

Online Webinar 17 June 2021, 10:00-12:00 CET: “Migrants, politics and external voting in Europe”. Workshop organized jointly by the University of Oslo, the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, and the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The webinar showcases the results of the DIASPOlitic research project which analyzed the reasons for and patterns of migrant political engagement with origin countries – focusing on Central and Eastern European migrants living in Western Europe. Registration required.

Online Workshop, 22 June 2021, 11:00–12:30 CEST: The Challenges of Researching Extremism Today, Leiden University. Registration required.

Book launch and debate, 29 June 2021, 14:00–15:00 BST: “Discrimination and Delegation: Explaining State Responses to Refugees” (OUP, 2021) by Lamis Elmy Abdelaaty (Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, and Senior Research Associate at the Campbell Public Affairs Institute). The book analyses asylum policies and policy-making in the Global South (Egypt, Turkey and Kenya). Chair: Filippo Dionigi (University of Bristol); Discussant: Zeynep Sahin Mencütek (Bonn International Center for Conversion and Canadian Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University). Registration required.

Online Workshop, 6–7 July 2021: “Engaging with Intersectional Approaches to the Politics of Migration”, organised by Laura Cleton, Sonja Evaldsson Mellström, Eline Westra, and Saskia Bonjour. Registration required.

Latest Publications from SG Members

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