CfP Panel “Migrants’ Social Inclusion in Host Countries: Access to Basic Services”- 2022 ECPR General Conference

CfP Panel “Migrants’ Social Inclusion in Host Countries: Access to Basic Services”- 2022 ECPR General Conference

Panel Chairs: Santiago Pérez-Nievas and María Soledad Escobar (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

ECPR General Conference University, Innsbruck (Austria)- 22-26 August- Section “S21- International Migration Governance: Policies and Practices in Diverse Societies” (endorsed by the ECPR Standing Group Migration and Ethnicity)

Panel abstract: Access to basic services, including education, health-care and social services, can be an important challenge for migrants because of their significant social vulnerability compared to the autochthonous population. This challenge becomes even more evident for certain migrant categories such as women, refugees and those in irregular situation, given their greater exposure to discrimination. On this basis, identifying minorities’ hindrances in accessing public services is crucial for a better understanding of migrants’ integration processes, especially in the context of the recent covid-19 pandemic.

This panel invites papers that look at minorities’ access to basic and public social resources in receiving countries, including both migrants’ perceptions/ experiences and service providers’ needs and views. To what extent migrants’ access to these public resources are influenced by their origin, legal status, age or gender? What are the experiences/obstacles in accessing these services pointed out by migrants themselves? What are the main organizational resources and legal instrument identified by professionals (doctors, teachers, social workers…) as determinants in ensuring an equitable and suitable access to these services for migrants? Do professionals’ attitudes, cultural beliefs, stereotypes or prejudices towards migrants affect the quality of the care provided? Communications including a comparison among migrant groups as well as those focusing on the impact of the covid-19 pandemic are particularly welcomed.


Please submit your paper proposals (including a title, a 250-word paper abstract, and the name, institutional affiliation of the authors) to Santiago Pérez-Nievas ( and María Soledad Escobar ( by Monday, February 7 2022.

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