Newsletter July 2022: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity


Section endorsed by the Standing Group Migration and Ethnicity at the 2022 ECPR General Conference

See you soon in-person and virtually at the ECPR General Conference 2022, 22–26 August, at University of Innsbruck! Check out the 19 panels in our SG Section International Migration Governance: Policies and Practices in Diverse Societies chaired by Daniela Vintila and Angeliki Konstantinidou.



Apply to the MIRNet Summer School, 10-12 August 2022, Tallinn University. Day 1: Training for Publishing Workshop, led by Russell King (University of Sussex); Day 2: guest lectures; Day 3: panel talks on current migration topics at the Opinion Festival at Paide. Upload your short bio & abstract. Deadline: 15/07/2022.


SG Member Activities and News

Recorded Webinar Centre for European Research, Queen Mary University of London: The rise of sanctuary cities during the European ‘refugee crisis’, chaired by Raffaele Bazurli.

Blog Mobile People & Diverse Societies: Places in the Making, by the Eurac Research Group on Migrations & Diversities. Follow their Twitter activity: @MigDivEurac. Check out their latest blog post Passive or Active Subjects? Immigrants’ political participation in Italy, by Gatti, R., Buonomo, A., & Strozza, S.

The APSA Migration & Citizenship Best Dissertation Award 2022 goes to Victoria Finn; open-access dissertation: Migrant Rights, Voting, and Resocialization: Suffrage in Chile and Ecuador, 1925-2020.


Latest Publications from SG Members

Bazurli, R., Caponio, T., & de Graauw, E. (2022) Between a rock and a hard place: Mayors, migration challenges and multilevel political dynamics. Territory, Politics, Governance 10(3), 297–305, Special Issue, Mayors and Migration Challenges in US and European Municipalities.

Bazurli, R., & Kaufmann, D. (2022) Insurgent asylum policies in European cities: A multi-level governance perspective. Urban Affairs Review, online first.

Bennour, S., & Manatschal, A. (2022) Voting with Their Feet by Staying? The Political Drivers of Noncitizens’ (Im-)mobility. Swiss Political Science Review, online first.

Brunarska, Z. (2022) Exposure to Immigration and Sense of Socio-Territorial Belonging: Evidence from Russia. Problems of Post-Communism, online first.

Czymara, C.S., & Mitchell, J. (2022) All Cops are Trusted? How Context and Time Shape Immigrants’ Trust in the Police in Europe. Ethnic and Racial Studies, online first.

Fibbi, R., Ruedin, D., Stünzi, R., & Zschirnt, E. (2022) Hiring Discrimination on the Basis of Skin Colour? A Correspondence Test in Switzerland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 48(7): 1515–1535.

Gatti, R. (2022) Citizenship from Below and Inclusive Solidarity. The transversal alliance between migrants and citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic in Naples. Mondi Migranti 1: 83–100.

González-Paredes, S., Jara-Alba, C., Orcés, L., & Umpierrez de Reguero, S. (2022) Actitudes populistas, emociones negativas y posición partidaria frente a la inmigración en Ecuador. In Populismo en el comportamiento político. Incorporando la agenda ideacional en Ecuador edited by I. Ríos Rivera & S. Umpierrez de Reguero. Guayaquil: Universidad Casa Grande.

Holmqvist, E., Jutvik, K & Lidén, G. (2022) Resilience in Local Housing Policy? Liberal or Restrictive Policy Stances Among Swedish Municipalities Following the Great Migration in the Summer of 2015. Frontiers in Political Science, online first.

Jaroszewicz, M., Grzymski, J., & Krępa, M. (2022) The Ukrainian refugee crisis demands new solutions. Nature Human Behaviour 6: 750.

Kende, J., Sarrasin, O., Manatschal, A., Phalet, K., & Green, E.G.T. (2022) Policies and Prejudice: Integration Policies Moderate the Link Between Immigrant Presence and Anti-Immigrant Prejudice. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, online first.

Kovář, J. (2022) Framing Different Groups of Immigrants in Central Europe Before and During the 2015–2017 EU Refugee Crisis. Europe-Asia Studies, online first.

Kovář, J. (2022) Media framing of immigrants in Central Europe in the period surrounding the refugee crisis: Security, negativity, and political sources. Communications, online first

Lavenex, S., & Manatschal, A. (2022) Migrationspolitik. In Handbuch der Schweizer Politik. Manuel der la politique suisse, edited by Y. Papadopoulos, P. Sciarini, A. Vatter, S. Häusermann, P. Emmenegger, & F. Fossati, 857–882. Zürich: NZZ Verlag.

Lutz, P., & Bitschnau, M. (2022) Misperceptions about Immigration: Reviewing Their Nature, Motivations and Determinants. British Journal of Political Science, online first.

Manatschal, A. (2022) Framing Matters: Pathways between Policies, Immigrant Integration, and Native Attitudes. In The Handbook on Migration and Welfare, edited by M.M.L. Crepaz, 195–209. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Niezna, M. (2022) Paper Chains: Tied Visas, migration policies and legal coercion. Journal of Law and Society 49(2) 362–384.

Pecoraro, M., Manatschal, A., Green, E.G.T., & Wanner, P. (2022) How Effective are Integration Policy Reforms? The case of asylum-related migrants. International Migration, online first.

Politi, E., Bennour, S., Lüders, A., Manatschal, A., & Green, E.G.T. (2022) Where and Why Immigrants Intend to Naturalize: The Interplay Between Acculturation Strategies and Integration Policies. Political Psychology 43(3): 437–455.

Ruedin, D., Probst, J., Wanner, P., Efionayi-Mäder, D., & Bodenmann, P. (2022) COVID-19-Related Health Literacy of Socioeconomically Vulnerable Migrant Groups. International Journal of Public Health 67:1604664.

Ruedin, D., & Van Belle, E. (2022) The Extent of Résumé Whitening. Sociological Research Online.

Steen, A. (2021) Refugee Settlement and Decision-Making Venue: Does Public Concern Instigate Preferences for Local Referendums? Experiences from Norwegian Cities. Journal of Refugee Studies 3(34): 3044–3064.

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