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Vote for the new Steering Committee Members! It takes only a few minutes to vote for the 5 positions. Elections are open until 11 January 2023. Log into your MyECPR account → Click MyECPR → Click Migration and Ethnicity Elections 2012 Final Vote →  Select your preferred candidates → Click “Save”.

Our Call for Panel Proposals for the 2023 ECPR General Conference (4–8 September 2023, Charles University, Prague) is open for our Section, “International Migration: Actors, Policies, and Practices”.

At the ECPR hybrid Joint Sessions (25–28 April 2023, online & Sciences Po Toulouse,) our Standing Group has endorsed the workshop “Migration Policies beyond Discretionary Power: Towards a Relational Approach of Implementation Studies”, chaired by our members, Andrew Crosby & Federica Infantino. Deadline for proposals: 9 January 2023.

Our SG webinar series in October hosted Jan Kovář on immigrants and refugees in Central Europe and in December, Julia Mourão Permoser & Martin Ruhs on the ethics of migration policy dilemmas. You can watch these and prior recordings on the ECPR website, after you register here to join the series. In 2023, we will start with a webinar with Leiza Brumat, Feline Freier, & Victoria Finn on migrants, refugees, and displacement on 18 January 2023, 16:00-17:00 CEST.



CfP for the CFA-ESRA 2023 Conference (17–21 July 2023, Milan, Italy) for a session on survey methods for studying the impact of multiple crises on attitudes towards the EU, findings and methodological challenges. Single-country or comparative papers should illustrate the potential of survey data for studying the impact of crises on public attitudes towards the EU, particularly European solidarity. Submissions (max 300 words) to Deadline 20 December 2022.

Apply for a PhD position in the field of German as a Second/Foreign Language, based between Hannover (GER) and Bolzano (IT), at the German Department of Leibniz Universität Hannover, in collaboration with EURAC Research (Bolzano, Italy), on the project LING-RACE: Linguistic Racism in Multilingual Areas. Review the position (EntgGr. 13 TV-L, 50 %, limited to 3 years) via the call (also in German). Questions? Contact Anja Binanzer: Deadline 13 January 2023.

CfP for the Special Issue, “Migration Trends, Impacts, and Pathways to Sustainability in Mountain Areas”, guest edited by J. Millar, T. Dax, R. Grau, B. Nawab Khattak, and H. Kreutzmann, in the journal Mountain Research and Development. Papers should explore and address migration issues in different mountain areas of the world, especially regarding transformation, systems, or target knowledge. Deadline for notice of intent: 15 January 2023 to; full papers due 1 April 2023; aimed publication: February 2024.

CfP for the panel “Parliamentary and Diaspora Diplomacy in Conflict Settings” at the International Political Science Association, 15-19 July 2023 in Buenos Aires. Deadline for proposals via this link 18 January 2023.

Apply for a MA or PhD at Concordia University, Montreal (CAN), in the following fields:

  1. Parties and immigration in Canada, comparative perspective
  2. Immigration bureaucracies in an era of anti-immigration populism
  3. Sanctuary cities in Canada, comparative perspective

International applicants welcome. We offer a very supportive training environment and competitive applicants are likely to receive generous funding for their studies and the (relatively low) cost of living in Montreal. Questions? Contact Prof. Mireille Paquet, Deadline 15 February 2023.

Latest Publications from SG Members

Alagna, F. (2022) The continuation of criminalization by other means: The role of judicial agency in the Italian policing of humanitarian assistance at sea. Mediterranean Politics, online first.

Alagna, F. (2022) So much promise, so little delivery: Evidence-based policy-making in the EU approach to migrant smuggling. Journal of European Integration, online first.

Auer, D., & Ruedin, D. (2022) How One Gesture Curbed Ethnic Discrimination. European Journal of Political Research, online first.

Bazurli, R. (2022) Sanctuary Movements. In D. A. Snow, D. della Porta, D. McAdam, & B. Klandermans (Eds.) The WileyBlackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements.

Bazurli, R., & Campomori, F. (2022) Further to the bottom of the hierarchy: the stratification of forced migrants’ welfare rights amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. Citizenship Studies, online first.

Bennour, S., Manatschal, A., & Ruedin, D. (2022) How Political Reception Contexts Shape Location Decisions of Immigrants. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 48 (19): 4730–4753.

Brunarska, Z., & Toruńczyk-Ruiz, S. (2022) With Time We Learn to Trust Others? Long-standing Ethnic Diversity, Recent Immigration, and Outgroup Trust in Russia. International Migration Review, online first.

Carvalho, J. (2022) Emigration and Immigration in Portugal. In Pinto, A., Magalhães, P. e Fernandes, J. (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Portuguese Politics. Oxford University Press.

Carvalho, J. M. (2021). A imigração e a agricultura no Alentejo no século XXI. Migrações: Revista do Observatório da Imigração 17, 87–104.

Dez, J. F. (2022) Print Rights with a Thousand Masks: Migrant Vulnerability, Resistance and Human Rights Law. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 38(2), 1–17.

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Espírito-Santo, A. & Carvalho, J. (2022) Gender and Attitudes towards Immigrants: Exploring threat perceptions. In Anderson, C. & Turgeon, M. (Eds.) Comparative Public Opinion. Routledge.

Finn, V., & Besserer Rayas, A. (2022). Turning Rights into Ballots: Mexican External Voting from the US. Territory, Politics, Governance, online first.

Freedman, J., Sahraoui, N., & Tastsoglou, E. (Eds) (2022) Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Migration: Interdisciplinary, Feminist and Intersectional Approaches. Palgrave Macmillan.

Freedman, J., Sahraoui, N., & Tyszler, E. (2022) Asylum, Racism, and the Structural Production of Sexual Violence against Racialised Women in Exile in Paris. Social Sciences 11(10): 426.

Guglielmi, S. (2021). “Italians, first!” Unpacking the link between nationalism and immigrant discrimination. Quaderni di Sociologia, 87– XLV, 37–64.

Lacroix, J., Ruedin, D., & Zschirnt, E. (2022) Discrimination Driven by Variation in Local Conservatism: Evidence from a Nationwide Field Experiment. European Sociological Review, online first.

Lazin, F. A. (2022) The Plight of European Jewish Refugees in Post-WWII Shanghai, August 1945–April 1948. In K. Ostoyich & Y. Xia (Eds.) The History of the Shanghai Jews: New Pathways of Research. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 203–233.

Piccoli, L., Dzankic, J., Jacobs-Owen, T., & Ruedin, D. (2022) Restricting Human Movement during the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Research Avenues in the Study of Mobility, Migration, and Citizenship. International Migration Review, online first.

Piccoli, L., & Ruedin, D. (2022) Local-to-local electoral connections for migrants: The association between voting rights in the place of origin and the propensity to vote in the place of residence. Democratization, online first.

Roos, M. (2022) Inequality by Design: The politics behind forced migrants’ access to healthcare. Medical Law Review 30(4): 658–679.

Ruspini, P. (2022) Confini e nuovi conflitti: i dilemmi delle migrazioni nell’Europa centro-orientale [Borders and New Conflicts: The Dilemmas of Migration from Eastern Europe], in M. Colombo (Ed.), CIRMiB MigraREport 2022 – Migrazioni e migranti vittime delle guerre. Milano: Vita e Pensiero, pp. 179–188.

Schmidt-Catran, A. W., & Czymara, C. S. (2022) Political Elite Discourses Polarize Attitudes toward Immigration Along Ideological Lines. A comparative longitudinal analysis of Europe in the 21st century. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, online first.

Spahl, W. (2022) Being a patient among other patients: Refugees’ political inclusion through the Austrian solidarity‐based healthcare system. Bioethics, online first.

Zuber, C. I. (2022) Ideational legacies and the politics of migration in European minority regions. Oxford University Press.


Check out a new Special Issue in which many of our Standing Group Members participated in! Demand- and Supply-side Approaches to Migrant Political Integration: A Focus on The Low Countries (2022). Edited by S. Camatarri & P. Baudewyns, Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 131–225. With the following contributions:

Azabar, S., & Thijssen, P. (2022) Exploring mediating motivations for Muslims’ electoral preferences: Issue voters rather than ideologues. Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 159–186.

Camatarri, S., & Baudewyns, P. (2022) Unpacking Migrant Political Integration. Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 131–135.

Rashkova, E. (2022). Changing Representation: The Vote of Non-citizen Immigrant Residents in Their New Homeland. Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 213–225.

Sijstermans, J., & Favero, A. (2022) Walking the Tightrope: Populist Radical Right Parties’ Framing of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’Migrants in Belgium and Switzerland. Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 187–212.

Umpierrez de Reguero, S. & Dandoy, R. (2022) Compulsory Voting and Electoral Participation of Latin American Migrants in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Politics of the Low Countries, 2: 136–158.


Click here for previous publications of SG members.

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