CfP – Glasgow Panel – Party Reactions to Immigration in New Destination Countries

Abstract: Party reactions to immigration in new destination countries is a little studied topic. However, the sharp increase — in a very short period of time — of immigration to several European countries (such as Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain) that were traditional senders of migration provides an excellent opportunity for new avenues of research into topics such as agenda setting, issue ownership, policy mandates and policy responsiveness in relation to the issue of immigration.

This panel welcomes empirical papers on new destination countries on any aspect of how political parties have reacted to the sudden socio-demographic changes and the varying pressures of different sectors of the public opinion. We welcome both case studies and comparative papers on this topic.

Please send proposals to Laura Morales by 10 February. Please remember to include your MyECPR email address with your proposal so it can be submitted.

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