June 23-25, 2020



In the last thirty years, the study of place and its connection to crime has gained more prominence in mainstream criminology. The approach is attractive because it emphasizes evidence creation with the goal of understanding how the built and social environment can be modified to deter criminal behavior and improve the quality of life in places. To this end, the study of place and crime incorporates a multi-disciplinary perspective that involves partnerships with fields like public health, epidemiology, and social work, to name a few. This is an area of research that has seen consistent advancement and growth and has strong research and policy potential. Given the growing interest and vast potential for research opportunities, future scholars are often looking for additional training and collaboration opportunities that center on crime and place issues. One such possibility is the Crime and Place Summer Institute (CPSI) hosted by the Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) program at Southern Illinois University (SIU). The CPSI is structured as a three-day learning institute centered on issues surrounding crime and place.

The CPSI is a way to help develop interest for early scholars in the topics and techniques around issues connected to crime and place. The CPSI also serves as a way allow for established scholars in this area to mentor and network with students interested in this line of research. Ultimately, the CPSI gives new crime and place scholars the chance to learn from established names in the field, many of whom are responsible for advancing the field of study to where it is today.


Any PhD student, enrolled full or part time at an accredited university, who is interested in the study of Crime and Place, is eligible to apply. At the time of application, students must be in good standing with their academic institution and be returning or enrolling as a full- or part-time student for the Fall 2021 semester. Application Deadline: Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, April 3, 2020. Award Details: A committee comprised of members from the Crime and Place Working Group ( will determine acceptance as participants for the CPSI. Accepted participants will be responsible for travel costs to and from Carbondale, Illinois. Meals, lodging in student housing, and event expenses will be covered for accepted applicants for the duration of the CPSI. Approximately 20 participants will be selected from the application pool. The award decisions will be based on the merit of the application, including the required personal statement and letter of recommendation (see below).

Application Checklist:

*Completed application form *Curriculum Vitae *One Letter of Recommendation/Support

Submission: Applications should be emailed to Dr. Julie Hibdon, Southern Illinois University (

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1 • Continental Breakfast/Networking • Session 1: Introductions/Intro Session • Lunch • Session 2: History & Theories of Crime and Place • Reflection/Writing Time • Free Time • Organized Dinner/Networking

Day 2 • Continental Breakfast/Networking • Session 1: Study Designs & Data for Crime and Place Research • Lunch • Session 2: Advancements in Analysis in Crime and Place Research • Reflection/Writing Time • Free Time • Organized Dinner/Networking

Day 3 • Continental Breakfast/Networking • Session 1: Applications in Crime and Place Research – Collaboration with Police Agencies • Lunch • Session 2: Applications in Crime and Place Research – Crime Prevention in Places • Reflection/Writing Time • Concluding Remarks List of Faculty


Dr. Martin Andresen, Associate Professor, Griffith University Dr. John Eck, Professor, University of Cincinnati Dr. Elizabeth Groff, Professor, Temple University Dr. Cory Haberman, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati Dr. Julie Hibdon, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University Dr. Tarah Hodgkinson, Lecturer, Griffith University Dr. Cody Telep, Associate Professor, Arizona State University