Felia Allum – University of Bath, UK

Dr Felia Allum joined the Department in 2002 as Lecturer in Italian History and Politics. She did a degree at the University of Newcastle and a MSc (Econ) icy at the London School of Economics. She completed her PhD on the Neapolitan Camorra in the Government Department at the University of Brunel (West London) in 2000 where she was a graduate teaching assistant. Before coming to Bath, she was a lecturer in European Politics in the Polis Institute at the University of Leeds. She is co-convenor of the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on organised crime.


Helena Farrand Carrapico – University of Northumbria, UK

Helena Farrand Carrapico joined Northumbria University in April 2019, where she works as an Associate Professor in Criminology and International Relations. Her research focuses on European Union Justice and Home Affairs governance, and comprises three strands: 1) The governance of specific policy fields within Justice and Home Affairs, namely organised crime and cyber crime; 2) the governance of the external dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice; and 3) the governance of Brexit in relation to internal security.

She holds a doctoral degree in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute (Florence), where she developed her thesis on European Union organised crime policies. Prior to her current position, Helena was a Senior Lecturer at Aston University, where she also co-directed the Aston Centre for Europe. Previous academic positions were also held at the University of Dundee, James Madison University, the University of Coimbra and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Helena was also a visiting fellow at the DG. Justice, Liberty and Security of the European Commission, and at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS). She is an elected member of UACES and a co-convenor for the BISA European Security Working Group.


Baris Cayli Messina, University of Derby (UK) and LUMSA University (Palermo) (Italy)

Baris Cayli Messina was trained and educated in Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, UK and the USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Member of the Council for the Defence of British Universities and Academics Stand Against Poverty. He is also Research Associate at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR).

Messina authored “Violence & Militants: From Ottoman Rebellions to Jihadist Organizations” in 2019 which was published by McGillQueen’s University Press. The book explores how militants rationalised the use of violence in different time periods and geographies and makes a major contribution to radicalisation, conflict theory, security studies, terrorism and comparative political research. The book compares Christian militants rebelled against the Ottoman Empire with current jihadist organizations; Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and Isis. Messina is an interdisciplinary scholar and his future research lies in the intersection of terrorism, its outcomes and the cooperation of terrorist and organised crime groups. He has widely published on antimafia movement in Italy.He is currently working on his new book project about the fight against the Mafia by Sicilian people.

You can follow him on Twitter @DrBarisCayli


Francesco Strazzari–  Scuola Universitaria Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy

Francesco Strazzari is Professor in International Relations at the Pisa-based Scuola Universitaria Superiore Sant’Anna (2009 to date). Her is also adjunct professor at the Oslo-based NUPI (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), and the Bologna-based SAIS Europe, The Johns Hopkins University. He specialises in peace and conflict studies, with a specific focus on political violence and extra-legal governance (transnational organised crime), and a focus on Africa, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

He completed his laurea in political science in 1994 (University of Bologna). After a post-graduate diploma (SAIS-BC 1996) and a Master in Conflict Analysis (NPSIA, Carleton U. Ottawa 1997), he received a Ph.D. from the European University Institute (EUI Florence, 2003). Until 2008 he held a tenured position of Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Political Science of the University of Amsterdam. Between 2001 and 2005 he lectured at the Department of Politics, Institution and History of the University of Bologna. During this period he developed experience as a trainer for civilian personnel in international peace missions.