Welcome to the ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups

The ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups promotes and supports research on group politics, civil society, social movement organizations and political advocacy. Membership of the SG is open to everyone who is interested in cumulative research on interest group politics. The SG functions largely as a forum and an exchange network for interest group researchers.


Upcoming events

Summer School

The Tenth Summer School on Interest Groups will take place in The Hague in early July 2019. Over the course of the past decade the annual summer school has brought top scholars of interest groups and civil society together for a one-week intensive presentation of the core aspects of interest group research. Please watch this page and elsewhere for future updates on the 2019 edition!

Section at the General Conference

The Standing Group endorses the section ‘Interest Group and Lobbying Research in an Integrative Perspective: Building Bridges Across the Discipline’ at the ECPR General Conference in  Wrocław (4 and 7 September 2019). You find full details at: https://ecpr.eu/Events/SectionDetails.aspx?SectionID=807&EventID=123