University of Prague Room FA215 (Faculty of Arts)
Friday 9 September

A list of members in attendance will be supplied on request (email to


Patrick Bernhagen opened the meeting at 13:00h and the agenda was agreed upon


1) Report on activities since the last GM (Patrick Bernhagen)

  • We currently have 146 members
  • We had an election of a new Steering Committee, April 23rd 2016. The new convenors are: P. Bernhagen; Secretary: I. De Bruycker; Treasurer: C. Braun
  • We ask members to subscribe to our mailing list: ecpr‐interest‐groups@listserv.uni‐
  • We have a Facebook group with more than 200 members!


2) Finance (Caelesta Braun)

  • Summer schools are our main source of income
  • Summer school budget is roughly break‐even or with a small surplus
  • Surplus will be used to support selected activities or as backup for subsequent summer schools


3) Summer school (Caelesta Braun)

  • The 7th edition of the summer school in Copenhagen (2016) was a big success Convenors: Anne Rasmussen (local host) & Arndt Wonka
  • The 8th edition of the summer school will be held in Bremen (2017) Conveners: Anne Rasmussen & Arndt Wonka (local host)
  • We are looking for new conveners to host the summer school in 2018 and 2019. Preferably in an east European country.


4) Future activities (Iskander de Bruycker)

  • Iskander announces the ACCESS Europe Influence symposium in Amsterdam
  • We ask members of the standing group to contact us if they want to propose a workshop for the joint sessions. The standing group can endorse one proposal for a joint session workshop. The conveners decide which workshops are supported.

5) Interest Groups & Advocacy (Jan Beyers)

  • Jan Beyers announces that there are plans to make IGA the official journal of the standing group. This will have little to no consequences.
  • There might be a reduction for members of the standing group for the journal, but this is not concrete yet.

The meeting closed at 14:00h