Welcome to the ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups

The ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups promotes and supports research on group politics, civil society, social movement organizations and political advocacy. Membership of the SG is open to everyone who is interested in cumulative research on interest group politics. The SG functions largely as a forum and an exchange network for interest group researchers.

Upcoming events

Standing Group meeting 2022

At the ECPR General Conference in Innsbruck, we will organize a business meeting for members: more details will follow. There will also be a reception after the meeting; and of course an interesting set of panels in the section endorsed by our standing group, and convened by Ellis Aizenberg and Adria Albareda.

Our previous standing group meeting was held at the Virtual ECPR General Conference in September 2021. Here we presented an overview of the activities the last year and discussed future activities with the standing group members. Our presentation can be downloaded here.

Presentations of earlier meetings can be found here.