University of Glasgow, Gilbert Scott Conference Suites, Room 356
Friday, 5 September at 12:45 hrs. at the

A list of members in attendance will be supplied on request (email to


Patrick Bernhagen opened the meeting at 13:00h and the agenda was agreed upon.


1) Report on SGIG activities
Patrick Bernhagen reported on activities during 2013/14, including the 5th SGIG Summer School in Amsterdam that took place in July 2014. It was highlighted that the current conveners of the summer school will not continue their service beyond 2015 and that new conveners will be sought.


2) Interest Groups and Advocacy
Jan Beyers reported on the development of the journal and outlined the offer for a reduced subscription rate for SGIG members forwarded by the publisher, Palgrave.


3) Constitution of the SG
The draft constitution was discussed, with particular attention and debate devoted to the issues of membership fees, terms lengths of the Steering Committee (SC) members, and provisions for amending the constitution. Following the debate, it was decided not to levy a membership fee for the time being and to reduce the term of SC membership to two years with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Members unanimously approved the redrafted constitution (see attachment).


4) Cooperation with the SG on Participation and Mobilization
The possibility of exploring opportunities for collaboration with the SG on Participation and Mobilization was discussed. Members were broadly in favour of such developments. One particular route of collaboration that was suggested is the joint sponsorship of summer schools.


There was not sufficient time left to attend to the question of a (bi‐) annual workshop of the SG.

Patrick Bernhagen closed the meeting at 14:00 h.