CfP Panel “International mobility and Social Protection in Europe”, 2019 ECPR General Conference

Section: 26- International Migration from a Comparative Perspective: Policies, Practices, and Outcomes

Panel: International Mobility and Social Protection in Europe

Chair: Angeliki Konstantinidou- SciencesPo Paris & University of Liege (

Co-chair: Roberta Perna- University of Torino (

Panel abstract: Social protection policies are the safety net of individuals against all those perils that can put their life cycles at risk. National welfare states have been traditionally considered as closed systems protecting those who qualify as members of a particular community. However, increased international mobility and supra-national integration have presented with challenges to the concepts of national sovereignty and societal membership. While several EU countries have debated and even introduced restrictions in policies regulating access to social protection for mobile individuals, sending countries have developed new policies and programmes to enhance the protection of their citizens abroad. Likewise, the progressive EU legislation of social security coordination has received different institutional responses from actors increasingly concerned about migrants’ access to social benefits at the domestic level. In this panel, we aim to analyse and comparatively discuss the various (re)actions of key institutional actors in home and host countries towards the social protection of mobile individuals.

Please send your paper proposals (including a 250-word paper abstract and the name and institutional affiliation of the authors) to Angeliki Konstantinidou ( and Roberta Perna ( by 11 of February 2019.

Keywords: welfare, international migration, social protection, Europe

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