CfP Panel “Migration and electoral politics in Europe and beyond”, 2019 ECPR General Conference

ECPR General Conference, University of Wroclaw (Poland), 4-7 September 2019

Call for Papers- Panel “Migration and electoral politics in Europe and beyond”

Panel chair: Daniela Vintila (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies- CEDEM, University of Liege)

Panel abstract: This panel discusses the evolution of policies and practices of immigrant political engagement over time and across countries. We explore the topic of migrants’ political integration from a transnational perspective, by focusing mainly on how and when migrants engage in the political arena and which specific institutional, societal, political, or individual factors condition their electoral involvement. We invite proposals examining the voting behaviour of migrants in home and host country elections, the diversification of non-electoral forms of political engagement, and patterns of minority representation in parliamentary assemblies at the national, sub-national, or supranational level.

Please send your paper proposals (including a 250-word paper abstract and the name and institutional affiliation of the authors) to Daniela Vintila ( by 11th of February 2019.

Keywords: migrants, citizenship, electoral politics, political participation, political representation

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