Panels requiring discussants- Section on International Migration, 2019 ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw (Poland)

If you are attending the ECPR General Conference in Wrocław and would like to act as a Panel Discussant for our Section on International Migration from a Comparative Perspective, the Panels listed below currently have positions available:

  1. S26- P020 – Assessing the determinants and consequences of immigrant integration policies and practices-
  2. S26- P053- Citizenship regimes and migration policies from a comparative perspective-
  3. S26- P341- Seeking asylum: the link between policies and personal experiences-
  4. S26- P344- Sharing responsability? The politics and policies of asylum governance-
  5. S26- P456- Voting behaviour and politicisation of migration-

If you wish to perform a Panel Discussant duty for any of these panels, please confirm as soon as possible by emailing ECPR ( and the Panel Chair(s), indicating the name or Panel number.

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