Minutes SG Business Meeting- 2020 ECPR General Conference- Online


ECPR General Conference, Online, 25th of August 2020

SG Steering Committee: Daniela Vintila (chair), Angeliki Konstantinidou, Verena Wisthaler, Roberta Perna, and Victoria Finn

  1. Welcome, agenda approval, introductions
  2. Presentation of the new Steering Committee of the SG
  3. Recent  SG activities
  4. SG Elections:  The elections for the new SG Steering Committee took place on January 2020 to fill in 5 seats. Daniela Vintila, Angeliki Konstantinidou, Verena Wisthaler, Roberta Perna, and Victoria Finn were elected.
  5. ECPR SG Steering Committee Retreat (Online, 1- 2 June 2020): Discussion around the 50th ECPR Anniversary, events in the context of the pandemic, ECPR publication outlets and ECPR Blog, ECPR finances and rebranding.
  6. SG Section 2020 ECPR Conference: Section 35-International Migration Policies and Politics: Current Challenges and Opportunities, coordinated by Daniela Vintila and Angeliki Konstantinidou (15 panels).
  7. Websitehttp://standinggroups.ecpr.eu/ie/  
  8. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/ECPR_Migration (1244 followers).  
  9. SG Newsletter: 3 SG Newsletters since ECPR Wrocław. All members are welcome to contribute. Announcements should include: CfPs, new publications, vacancies, and other information related to the activity of the SG. Please provide all links and relevant deadlines for your submission in your message. 
  10. 2021 ECPR General Conference: More information, dates, and place to be announced.

Two-stage selection process:  

1) Call for Sections (3-8 panels on a specific topic, SG can only endorse one Section proposal) 

2) Call for full Panels & individual Papers (all proposals must include 3-5 papers)  

11. 2021 ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops: More information, dates, and place to be announced. The SG can only endorse one workshop.

12. SG Conference

13. SG Webinar Series

14. SG Annual Award

15. SG Blog

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