Call for Panel proposals- Section “International Migration Governance: Policies and Practices in Diverse Societies”, 2022 ECPR General Conference

2022 ECPR General Conference, University of Innsbruck, 22-26 August 2022

Call for Panels for the Section “International Migration Governance: Policies and Practices in Diverse Societies”

Section chair: Daniela Vintila (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, University of Liege)

Section co-chair: Angeliki Konstantinidou (CEE- Sciences Po Paris)

Section endorsed by the ECPR Standing Group Migration and Ethnicity

Section abstract: The intensification of human mobility worldwide has put the topic of migration governance at the forefront of policy-making. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement or the so-called ʻrefugee crisisʼ have further incentivised the salience of migration and the polarization around the issue at the political and societal level. In parallel, an increasingly rich debate on diversity policies has emerged in academic circles, drawing attention on the complex interactions between different levels of government (national, sub-national, supranational) and actors (public authorities, trade unions, civil society organizations, etc.) with an active role in shaping migration policy-making in home countries, host countries, or transnationally. Additionally, such growing scholarly interest in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of migration and integration policies has also been coupled with a rising concern over the effect of such policies on migrants’ lives or their processes and (sometimes shifting) motivations of settlement or return.

This Section aims to bring together panels and papers that engage, from a critical perspective, with international migration policies and practices. Following an interdisciplinary approach and diverse methodological viewpoints, the Section welcomes panels that focus on the different social, economic, political and/or legal facets of immigration, emigration, integration or return. We are particularly interested in Panel proposals focusing on:

  • Immigration policies and policy changes from a multilevel perspective;
  • Dynamics of labour market incorporation of immigrant populations and returnees;
  • Diaspora policies and the governance of emigration;
  • Public opinion towards migration and social diversity
  • The salience of migration in political debates
  • Border control and international management of migration flows
  • Migrants’ political engagement in home/host country and patterns of transnational political mobilisation and claims-making
  • Citizenship regimes and the design of naturalization policies
  • Social protection policies for individuals on the move and migrants’ access to welfare
  • Forced displacement, asylum governance and the protection of refugees
  • Narratives of belonging in diverse societies
  • Intra-regional mobility and the role of supranational actors in migration management

Submission procedure: Panel chairs wishing to contribute to this Section should submit their Panel proposals via email to Daniela Vintila ( by 01/12/2021. Panel proposals should only include: a) the name of the panel chair(s); b) a tentative Panel title; c) a Panel abstract of maximum 250 words. At this stage, there is no need to provide details regarding the papers to be included in each Panel. A formal Call for Papers and Panel submission procedure will follow at a later stage, upon acceptance of the Section proposal.

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