Newsletter November 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

Newsletter November 2021: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

SG News

Our SG has endorsed the Section “International Migration Governance: Policies and Practices in Diverse Societies” chaired by Daniela Vintila and Angeliki Konstantinidou for the 2022 ECPR General Conference 2022. We are now looking for Panel proposals to be included in this Section. You can find more details about the Call for Panels here. Panel chairs wishing to contribute to our Section should submit their Panel proposals via email to Daniela Vintila by 01/12/2021. Proposals should only include: a) the name of the panel chair(s); b) the Panel title; c) the Panel abstract (max 250 words). There is no need to provide details regarding the papers to be included in each Panel. A formal Call for Papers and Panel submission procedure will follow at a later stage, upon acceptance of our Section proposal.

Our ECPR Online Seminar Series in Migration and Ethnicity continues this week, 24 November at 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET with Andrew Geddes on Repertoires of migration governance in the EU. Details and registration:


Other calls

CfP for the panel Bridging gender, minority status and political participation”, at the European Conference on Politics and Gender, 6–8 July 2022 at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Panel Convenors: Emma Lantschner (University of Graz, AT), Verena Wisthaler & Sophia Schönthaler (EURAC Research, IT). Deadline 30 November 2021. Email your contact details, title, and abstract (max. 500 words) to

CfP for the panel “Religious organizations and their support for refugees and asylum-seekers”, at the Seventh Conference on Migration Research, 26–28 September 2022 at the Danube University Krems, Austria. Panel Convenors: Kerstin Wonisch & Verena Wisthaler (EURAC Research, IT). Deadline 16 January 2022. For questions or to apply, email your contact details, title, and abstract (max. 250 words) to

CfP for the 2022 Conference of the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality”, 06–08 April 2022, Konstanz, Germany. Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2021. Apply via online application form on the Conference website. Required: extended abstract (max. 400 words). Costs covered: travel and accommodation for one presenter per paper.


SG Member Activities and News

New Edition, The Perception of Inequality, the 2nd cluster magazine from the Univeristy of Konstanz, edited by M. R. Busemeyer, C. Diehl, & N. B. Weidmann.

New Policy Brief, Walling the EU Borders: Past Experiences and (In)Effectiveness, in CMR Spotlight 9(31), Center of Migration Research Newsletter, by J. Grzymski, M. Jaroszewicz, & M. Krępa.

New project, Mobility, migration and the COVID-19 epidemic: governing emergencies in Lithuania and Poland, at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, and Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University.

Project and updates online for the H2020 WHOLE-COMM PROJECT, Exploring the Integration of Post-2014 Migrants in Small and Medium-Sized Towns and Rural Areas from a Whole of Community Perspective, boasting a news section, a blog, new working papers, and publications.

Dissertation available online: Finn, V. (2021) Migrant Rights, Voting, and Resocialization: Suffrage in Chile and Ecuador, 1925-2020. Institute for History, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University.

Dissertation available online: Irgil, E. (2021) Everyday Politics of Forced Migration: Refugees, Host Community Members, and the Local Context. Göteborg Studies in Politics, No. 168, University of Gothenburg.


Latest Publications from SG Members

Brumat, L. & Freier, L. F. (2021) Unpacking the Unintended Consequences of European Migration Governance: The South American Case. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Online first.

Brumat L., Geddes, A., & Pettrachin A. (2021) Making Sense of the Global: A systematic review of globalising and localising dynamics in refugee governance. Journal of Refugee Studies. Online first.

Carlaw, J. (2021) Unity in Diversity? Neoconservative Multiculturalism and the Conservative Party of Canada. Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement (RCIS)/Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration (CERC) Working Paper Series 2021/1.

Cordero G., Triviño J.C., Escobar S. & Pérez-Nievas, S. (2021) Representing the People: Latin American Councillors and their pathway to power and political Representation. American Behavioral Scientist. Online first.

Escobar, S., Pérez-Nievas S., & Guillermo Cordero (2021) Killing two birds with one stone? The inclusion of immigrant-origin women on Spanish Local Party Lists 2011–2015. Migraciones 51: 153–180.

Esien E.B. (2021) Contractual Obligation, Individual Autonomy, and Sanction in Targeting Benefits for Third-country Nationals’ Work Promotion in Austria, Finland, and Czech Republic. In F. Tilbe & E. Heikkilä (Eds) Work and Migration: Case studies from Around the World, p. 119–138. London: Transnational Press.

Fibbi, R., Ruedin, D., Stünzi, R., & Zschirnt, E. (2021) Hiring Discrimination on the Basis of Skin Colour? A Correspondence Test in Switzerland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Online First.

Gianfreda, S. (2021) Where Do the Parties Stand? Political Competition on Immigration and the EU in National and European Parliamentary Debates. Springer

Gianfreda, S. (2021) The Governance of Reception in Italy. The Case of Liguria (2011–2020). Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche. 1: 73–94.

Jaroszewicz M. & Grzymski, J. (2021) Technocracy Revisited: the Polish Security Dispositif and Ukrainian Migration to Poland. Journal of Contemporary European Research 17(2): 258–280.

Lobera, J., Pérez-Nievas S., & Rama, J. (2021) Combined effects of cultural-linguistic proximity and naturalization on the political integration of first-generation immigrants. Migraciones 51: 123–151.

Pérez-Nievas, S., Cordero, G., & Mallet-García, M. L. (2021) A Tale of Two Countries: The Sociopolitical Integration of Latino Immigrants in Spain and in the United States. American Behavioral Scientist. Online first.

Pettrachin, A. (2021) Responding to the ‘refugee crisis’ or shaping the ‘refugee crisis’? Subnational migration policymaking as a cause and effect of turbulence’. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. online first.

Pettrachin, A. (2021) “Tuscans are different”: the cognitive dimension of local asylum policymaking during the 2015 European ‘Refugee Crisis’’. Territory, Politics, Governance. Online first.

Ruspini, P. (2021) Transnationalism. In M. Colombo & G. Gilardoni (Eds) Intercultural Issues and Concepts. A Multi-Disciplinary Glossary, pp. 277-292. Europe of Cultures/Dialogues, Vol. 22, Brussels: Peter Lang.

Steen, A. (2021) Refugee Settlement and Decision-Making Venue: Does Public Concern Instigate Preferences for Local Referendums? Experiences from Norwegian Cities. Journal of Refugee Studies 34(3): 3044–3064.


Click here for previous publications of SG members.


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