Newsletter October 2024: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

Newsletter October 2024: ECPR Standing Group (SG) Migration and Ethnicity

SG News: Our ECPR Standing Group Migration and Ethnicity is delighted to announce that:


SG Members’ News on Projects and Activities

Book Presentation of Anna Maria Gehnyei’s book “The Black Body” (Il corpo nero), 12 October 2023, Roma Tre University, Rome, hybrid event.

Conference on ‘EU-Latin America dialogue on migration and integration’, Date: 09 November 2023, Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen, hybrid event.

CfP 12th Biennial Conference of the SGEUSection on EU Borders, Migration and Mobility” 19 – 21 June 2024, NOVA University, Lisbon. Deadline: 23 November 2023.

BROAD-ER International Winter School entitled ‘Cities and International Migration: Methodologies, Practices, Ethics’, 29 January – 02 February 2024, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Deadline for applications: 1 December 2023.

CfP 8th Conference on Migration Research in Austria Global inequalities, (Im)Mobilities and Migration Societies: Post-Migrant Perspectives’’ 18-20 September 2024, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck. Deadline: 15 January 2024.

Training, “Lab on Mediterranean Migration: Simulation of the European Council”, University of Catania, Sicily, January 2023. For details, please contact Prof. Stefania Panebianco,

Monthly Doctoral Students Reading Group on deeply divided societies and power sharing to discuss and contextualize recent publications and developments in the field, starting January 2024, Registration deadline 20 November 2023. For details contact Patrizia John (QUB) & Ann-Mireille Sautter (KU Leuven)

Vacancy: Research Associate position for the British Academy funded project “Race, Identity and Political Mobilisation in France and the UK”. More info: Closing date: 24th October.


New Publications from SG Members (2023)

Ahlén, A. (2023). A progressive dilemma? Investigating cross-country variations in family-immigration policies through the lens of welfare-state regimesPolitical Research Exchange5(1), 1-28.

Aksay Aksezer, E., Demiryontar, B., Dorrity, C., & Mescoli, E. (2023). International Student Experiences in Three Superdiverse Higher Education Institutions: Institutional Policies and IntersectionalitiesSocial Sciences12(10), 544.

Alagna, F. (2023). Civil Society and Municipal Activism Around Migration in the EU: A Multi-Scalar Alliance-MakingGeopolitics, 1-27.

Alagna, F., & Cusumano, E. (2023). Varieties of criminalization: Italy’s evolving approach to policing sea rescue NGOsContemporary Italian Politics, 1-10.

Blanco Sío-López, C. (2023). Structural Factors of Post-Migration Inclusiveness: The Struggle for EU Free Movement as a History of Possibilities, 1985-2015. Europenow, 51(‘The Politics of Postmigration’), 1–11.

Czymara, C. S. (2023). Real-World Developments Predict Immigration News in Right-Wing Media: Evidence from GermanyMass Communication and Society, 1-25.

Dodevska, I. (2022). Boundary Integrationism and its Subject: Shifts and Continuities in the EU Framework on Migrant Integration. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1-25.

Dumitru, S. (2023). The ethics of immigration: How biased is the field?Migration Studies11(1), 1-22.

Gereke, J., & Ruedin, D. (2023). Shared nationality in social exchange: a trust vignette experiment in the United States, South Africa, and SwitzerlandSocius9, 1-9.

Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, P., Lavenex, S., & Lutz, P. (2023). Expanding, Complementing, or Substituting Multilateralism? EU Preferential Trade Agreements in the Migration Regime Complex. Politics and Governance11(2), 49-61.

Ibričević A. and Zatagić, S. (2023). External voting and homeland politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reversing the outcomes of ethnic cleansing through diaspora mobilization or voter suppression through procedural disenfranchisement? In Karabegovic & Karamehic-Oates (Eds.) Bosnian studies: Perspectives from an emerging field. University of Missouri Press.

Kovář, J. (2023). Debating Immigrants and Refugees in Central Europe: Politicising and Framing Newcomers in the Media and Political Arenas. Taylor & Francis.

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Lukešová, A. (2022). Is Czechia an immigration country? Evidence from civic integration policiesProblemy Polityki Społecznej. Social Policy Issues59(4), 267-287.

Mastroianni, L. (2023). Solidarity in EU Immigration and Asylum Law: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis. In The Principle of Solidarity: International and EU Law Perspectives (pp. 181-208). The Hague: TMC Asser Press.

May, A. C., & Czymara, C. S. (2023). Careless whisper: Political elite discourses activate national identities for far‐right voting preferencesNations and Nationalism.

Nicholson, M., & Ruedin, D. (2023). Responsiveness of Local Politicians to Immigrants Does Not Vary Systematically by Voting RightsJournal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 1-22.

Panebianco, S., Cannata, G. (2024). (Im-)Mobility Partnerships: Limits to EU Democracy Promotion Through Mobility in the Mediterranean. In: Zapata-Barrero, R., Awad, I. (eds) Migrations in the Mediterranean. IMISCOE Research Series. Springer, Cham.

Piccoli, L., Ruedin, D., & Geddes, A. (2023). A global network of scholars? The geographical concentration of institutes in migration studies and its implicationsComparative migration studies11(1), 1-16.

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Solano, G., Schmid, S. D., & Helbling, M. (2023). Extending Migrants’ Rights but Limiting Long-Term Settlement: Migrant Integration Policy Trends in EU and OECD Countries Between 2010 and 2019International Migration Review.

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Umpierrez de Reguero, S., & Finn, V. (2023). Migrants’ intention to vote in two countries, one country, or neitherJournal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 1-24.

Woeffray, T. (2023). Implementation leeway in the Dublin system: evidence from SwitzerlandJournal of European Public Policy, 1-23.

Xhardez, C., & Soennecken, D. (2023). Temporary Protection in Times of Crisis: The European Union, Canada, and the Invasion of Ukraine. Politics and Governance, 11(3), 1-12.


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