CFP: Intelligence and National Security – John le Carré

Call for Papers: Special Issue on John le Carré to be published in Intelligence and National Security  This is a call for submissions for a special issue on John le Carré to be published in Intelligence and National Security and edited by Dr. Pauline Blistène and Dr. Damien Van Puyvelde. This special issue will investigate the historical, political, cultural and philosophical significance CFP: Intelligence and National Security – John le Carré

Online workshop on organised crime

Online Workshop on 28-29 January 2021 Qualitative Methods in the Study of Organized Crime: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities An online workshop organised by the University of Milan on ‘Qualitative Methods in the Study of Organized Crime:Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities’ to take place on 28-29 January 2021. The first session will be held in English and the second session will Online workshop on organised crime

The 24-hour Conference on Global Organised Crime

We are currently looking for volunteers for the 24-hour conference on Global Organised Crime. Please look at our call below and visit the webpage of our conference for more information. This is the conference website This is webpage to sign up for more information:  


The COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemic of rights violations in Brazil – the alarming state of prisons Sérgio Adorno – USP, Brazil Camila Nunes Dias – UFABC, Brazil Although the Coronavirus pandemic has generated impacts worldwide, its effects may be more perverse in some countries, and certainly so for the most vulnerable segments of the COVID-19 BLOG


Pressing Questions of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Geopolitical Trends, the Future of Academia, and What’s for Dinner? Ellen GuttermanGlendon College, York University I teach International Relations at a large research-oriented university in Toronto, Canada. When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit here – for us it was mid-March, 2020 when schools and universities closed; all non-essential businesses COVID-19 BLOG


Chance or hurdle? Covid-19 and yakuza’s adaptation skills Martina Baradel University of Birkbeck Japanese organised crime groups, the yakuza, are involved in a variety of legal, semi-legal and illegal activities. Therefore, the restrictive measures due to the spread of Covid-19 in Japan had an impact on their business as well. In particular, the night-time entertainment COVID-19 BLOG


Requiem for students Giorgio Agamben (Translated by Baris Cayli Messina from Italian to English) As we had anticipated, lectures in universities will be held online next year. For a careful observer, this was not surprising, and the so-called pandemic would be used as a pretext for the diffusion of increasingly pervasive digital technology, which has COVID-19 BLOG


My online teaching during the pandemic of Covid-19 Joselle Dagnes University of Turin, Italy. This week I finished my first entirely taught online course: 54 hours of lessons (plus 18 laboratory hours) with 367 students whose faces I have never seen. If someone had told me before, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I would COVID-19 BLOG