for the 7th Pan-European Conference on the European Union, 5-7 June 2014

The Hague, the Netherlands

The call for papers and panels is now closed

The ECPR Standing Group on the European Union calls for papers for its 7th biennial conference which will be hosted by Leiden University in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands, 5-7 June 2014.

The European Union is expecting another eventful year in 2014 with perhaps the most important European Parliament elections to date to be held in May 2014 in a climate of uncertain economic recovery, persistent decline of popular support for the Union, and unprecedented politicization of European integration in the national political arenas.

We invite papers and panels that discuss all aspects of European integration. We welcome new theoretical and empirical research that reflects on the ever-changing nature of the EU; the democratic legitimacy of the integration process; the evolution, functioning and effects of EU policies and institutions; the role of the EU in the broader world, and so on. The full list of conference sections is available below.

The conference will provide space for researchers from various backgrounds – Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration, Political Economy, History, Sociology, etc. – to present and discuss cutting-edge research focused on the pressing questions of European integration. We are committed to methodological pluralism, scientific quality, and societal relevance and we encourage dialogue across academic disciplines.

Please submit your proposals for papers and panels between 30 September and 1 December 2013. The review of submitted proposals will be finalized and acceptance will be notified by 15 January 2014. The conference will take place 5-7 June 2014 in the new buildings of Leiden University in the centre of The Hague.

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Conference email address:


Prof. Fabio Franchino, University of Milan and Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union  (on behalf of ECPR EUSG)

Prof. Bernard Steunenberg, Institute of Public Administration, Campus The Hague, Leiden University (on behalf of the local organizing committee)