The Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the Standing Group. It meets at the biennial pan-European conference on the politics of the European Union and at the ECPR General Conference. Nominations and selections are held every two years for officials serving on the committee.

Current Steering Committee

Natasha Wunsch is the Chair of the SGEU. She is Assistant Professor in Political Science/European Integration at Sciences Po Paris, France, in the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE).

Dimiter Toshkov is Vice-Chair of the SGEU. He is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University in The Netherlands. 

Jonathan Zeitlin is the Treasurer and Secretary of the SGEU. He is Professor of Public Policy and Governance, and Distinguished Faculty Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FMG) at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Virginie Guiraudon is Senior Researcher at the CNRS and Professor at Science Po Paris, France.

Nathalie Brack is Assistant Professor at the Cevipol – Institute for European Studies at the Université libre the Bruxelles and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe. 

Ana E. Juncos is Professor of European Politics at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol. 

Amie Kreppel is Professor of Political Science and ad personam Jean Monnet Chair at University of Florida, USA.

Daniel Naurin is Professor of Political Science, affiliated both with the University of Oslo and the University of Gothenburg. 

Stefania Panebianco is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Catania and Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair ‘EU Mediterranean External Action’.

Sarah Wolff is Professor of European Politics and International Relations and Director of the Center for European Research.

Former Chairs of the Steering Committee

Virginie Guiraudon (2020-2022), Thomas Christiansen (2018-2020), Antonaeta Dimitrova (2017-2018), Thomas Koenig (2015-2017), Amy Verdun (2013-2015), Fabio Franchino (2011-2013), Meltem Müftüler-Baç (2009-2011), Erik Jones (2007-2009), Knud Erik Jørgensen (2000-2007), Fulvio Attinà: Founder and First Chair (1995-2000).

Former Members of the Steering Committee


Administrative Staff

Alessandra Carraro is the current Assistant to the Steering Committee. If you wish to contact the Standing Group, please send an e-mail to