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The ECPR Standing Group on the European Union is organizing its Sixth Pan-European Conference. It will be hosted by the University of Tampere, Finland from 13 to 15 September 2012. The Standing Group’s Pan-European Conference is the largest academic conference on the European Union in Europe and brings together scholars working on the European Union from all over the world.

The conference program is divided into 11 sections under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Thomas König and the co-chairmanship of Dr. Lars Mäder of the University of Mannheim. The sections and section chairs are as follows:

  • Theories of European Integration chaired by Jonas Tallberg. This section covers the study of European integration with particular emphasis on theoretical development.
  • EU Institutions and EU Politics chaired by Fabio Franchino. This section covers the study of European institutions with emphasis on decision making.
  • EU and Domestic Politics chaired by Robert Thomson. This section covers the impact of European on domestic politics and domestic on European politics.
  • Public Opinion, Party Politics and Interest Groups chaired by Brooke Luetgert. This section covers the public attitudes, political parties’ positions and private viewpoints on European politics
  • Political Economy of the EU chaired by Thomas Bräuninger. This section covers the study of the European Union with particular emphasis on the interactions between politics and economics more general.
  • EU Foreign Policy and External Relations chaired by Stefania Panebianco. This section covers all aspects related to external economic and foreign relations.
  • The EU and Conflict Resolution chaired by Gerald Schneider. This section covers all aspects of EU conflict resolution in- and outside of the EU.
  • The EU: Challenges and Reforms chaired by Adrienne Héritier. This section looks at the external and internal challenges confronted by the EU, and how the EU responds to them institutionally and policy-wise.
  • Gender and Diversity chaired by Yvonne Galligan. This section covers the study of European integration with a particular emphasis on issues of gender, identity and diversity.
  • Immigration, Migration and Asylum chaired by Andrew Geddes. This section covers all aspects related to migration, internal security and citizens’ freedom.
  • New developments in Research on the EU chaired Simon Hug. This section covers new developments in the scientific analysis of the EU.

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