3rd rotating PhD summer school on Europe in the world (Lisbon, June 2012)



Place & date: Following the success of the 2010 and 2011 summer schools, respectively held at the University of Roskilde (Denmark) and at the University of Crete in Rethymno (Greece), the next PhD Summer school on EUROPE IN THE WORLD 2012 will take place on 18-30 June 2012 in Lisbon, hosted by the Center for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES) at the University Institute of Lisbon (IUL).

Application deadline: 11 March 2012


Description & aim:

The PhD Summer School will focus on the role of the European Union (EU) as an international actor, the evolution and implications of the EU’s development and foreign policies, but also how the global environment affects EU policies and politics. Accordingly, the School has both an ‘outward’ perspective on the implications of the behavior and action of EU agents and policies in international arenas and an ‘inward’ focus on the impact of globalization on the EU’s institutions and policies. The school will deal with the theme “Europe in the World” from both a theoretical and empirical perspective and discuss relevant research methods. By means of concrete examples, various research techniques will be discussed, including methods and theoretical tools known from comparative politics, international relations, foreign policy analysis, and others.

The purpose is to bring together and train PhD-students in theoretical, empirical and research-strategic issues on the subject matter. Additionally, the purpose is to support PhD-students in furthering their research projects. The PhD Summer School is aimed at political science PhD-students from various sub-disciplines including EU-studies, international relations, comparative politics, and public administration. A maximum of 30 PhD students may participate and they should preferably be at least one year into their studies.



The event is co-sponsored by the LISBOAN Erasmus Academic Network (, ECPR (, the SGEU of the ECPR (, and CIES-IUL (



The event is organized by: Kennet Lynggaard, Roskilde University, Denmark; Stelios Stavridis, Zaragoza University, Spain; Tobias Schumacher, University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal; Dimitris Xenakis, University of Crete, Greece. The local organizer is Tobias Schumacher.


Fees & grants:

The regular fee (that does not cover travel or accommodation) will be EUR250 (late registration EUR350). Fees include attendance in all sessions of the summer school and the welcome icebreaker session; participants’ kit with stationary material, all tea/coffee breaks, and those dinners and events that are included in the official programme. Fees do not cover accommodation, travel expenses and lunches, except otherwise stated.

Please note that depending on the sponsorship available, fees may be reduced or fully waived for the student members of the LISBOAN Erasmus Academic Network ( and PhD students of the University Institute of Lisbon. Although non-LISBOAN students may benefit from other sources of funding, they are strongly encouraged to apply for financial support elsewhere.



• The EU as a Global Actor

• EU Normative Power

• Europeanization and Globalization

• European and International Security

• The Common Security and Defence Policy

• European Defense and NATO

• The ESDP and National Foreign Policies

• The European Neighbourhood Policy

• The EU’s Role in the Middle East and North Africa

• EU Strategic Partnerships (Turkey, Russia, Africa, China, etc.)

• The EU and the Developing World

• EU External Democracy Promotion

• The EU, Climate Change and Global Politics

• EU Economic Development Cooperation

• EU Agricultural Policies and the Global Context

• EU External Trade Policies

• …..and more!


Previous summer school lecturers include, among other:

• Lisbeth Aggestam, University of Bath

• Fulvio Attinà, University of Catania

• Charlotte Bretherton, Liverpool John Moores University

• Geoffrey Edwards, Cambridge University

• Knud Erik Jørgensen, Aarhus University

• Bichara Khader, Catholic University of Louvain

• Anne-Marie Le Gloannec, Sciences Po Paris

• Kennet Lynggaard, Roskilde University

• Ian Manners, Roskilde University

• Gorm Rye Olsen, Roskilde University

• Ben Rosamond, University of Warwick

• Tobias Schumacher, Lisbon University Institute

• Stelios Stavridis, Zaragoza University

• Dimitris Xenakis, University of Crete



Selected doctoral candidates (preferably in their second year of research) will present their own work in the afternoons, whereas invited academics will give lectures in the mornings.

The PhD summer school will run for 2 weeks and follow the pattern below:


09.30 – 11.00 11.30 –  13.00 13.00 – 14.30 14.30 – 18.00

WEEK 1     Monday (18.06.12) – Saturday (30.06.12)

  • Monday arrival; welcome event, drink and dinner
  • Tuesday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Wednesday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Thursday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Friday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Saturday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker* lunch break excursion / free
  • Sunday Free

WEEK 2     Monday (23.08.10) –  Saturday (28.08.10)

  • Monday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Tuesday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Wednesday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Thursday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker lunch break candidate presentations
  • Friday (guest) speaker (guest) speaker* lunch break Free
  • Saturday Departure

* or key note and round table; days are provisional


Information about the previous Schools can be found at:


How to apply:

Please send in one PDF file

  • A cover letter describing your motivation to participate (1-2 pages max.)
  • A brief outline of your PhD project (3-4 pages max.)

by 11 March 2012 to the LISBOAN project manager ( We will inform you about the results of the selection procedure by 20 March 2012 at the latest.


For more information please see also or contact:

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