12th Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union

19 – 21 June 2024, Universidade NOVA


Call for papers is now open! Submit your Panel and Paper proposals until 1 December 2023.

About the conference

2024 is an EU elections year, a time to reflect on the latest mandate of key EU institutions and historic events that the EU had to face, from the 2020 pandemic outbreak to the 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Both had major socioeconomic consequences and, in the latter case, political repercussions across EU member states.

While with Covid-19, borders were sealed, with the Russian invasion, EU borders opened fast and member states welcomed millions of Ukrainians. With the NextGenerationEU fund, EU institutions sought to show unity and responsiveness.

Yet, many questions remain in this crisis-driven period, including regarding the role of the EU on the global stage. EU scholars therefore have much to discuss. The 12th Biennial Conference of our Standing Group on the European Union (SGEU) is the occasion to share theoretical perspectives and empirical results to shed light on complex EU-related processes.

The 2024 conference in Lisbon is organised in Sections that seek the great diversity of research agendas of EU studies. We welcome researchers from various backgrounds – political science, history, sociology, law, anthropology, philosophy, geography, and economics – to present and discuss cutting-edge research focused on the pressing questions of European integration.

The conference will include a special session on the EP elections, the JEI Annual Lecture, a conference Plenary Roundtable and the SGEU General Assembly.

The Venue


The School of Social Sciences and Humanities – NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA FCSH) is a public higher education institution, and has been a pioneer in many areas of knowledge, but, above all, in the vision it has developed for teaching and research, which winds up today in a permanent commitment: interdisciplinarity, internationalization and transfer of knowledge for society. NOVA FCSH offers 15 undergraduate degrees, 43 master’s degrees and 25 PhDs, including Political Science, International Relations, and European Studies. The academic community welcomes almost 5,000 students and 15 research centres, including the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI NOVA).

More info: https://www.fcsh.unl.pt/en/

NOVA FCSH has two campi, both at Lisbon’s city centre: Avenida de Berna and Campolide.
The ECPR – SGEU Conference will be held at the Campolide Campus: https://www.fcsh.unl.pt/static/documentos/informacao/ColegioAlmadaNegreiros_ENG.pdf


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