2023 SGEU Graduate Online Workshop 

Tuesday 21 February 2023, 10:00 – 15:00 CET

Studying the EU in times of Permanent Emergency: what research agendas, methods and theories? 

The ECPR Standing Group on the EU held an online graduate workshop on 21st of February where early career scholars presented their work in progress.  

This online graduate workshop provided an opportunity to early career researchers (PhD students and Postdocs) to present their work and receive feedback and input from senior colleagues on their work in progress. 


10h-11h45 Panel 1-Theories on EU integration in times of pandemic

Chair: Sarah Wolff, Queen Mary University of London

Discussant: Laura Polverari, Padoa University and Jonathan Zeitlin, University of Amsterdam


Jo Ganderson, LSE ‘Theorising the Age of Permanent Crisis: Policy, Politics and Polity in the EU’

Matilde Ceron, EUI with Lauren Leek “The National Recovery and Resilience Plans: towards a next generation of fiscal coordination?”

Gilsun Jeong, Sussex University ‘The Pandemic Crisis and Party-based Euroscepticism in the 9th EP: Utilising a topic model to investigate the impact of the pandemic crisis upon party Euroscepticism’

Giulia Gallinella, LUISS, “Delegated powers and crises in the EU: Emergency politics or ordinary treaty measures?”

Vincenza Falletti and Nicola Abate, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona “Trust in policy-makers: the force of the experts and the claim of legitimacy.”

11h45-13h00 Panel 2- EU external relations in times of crisis

Chair: Jonathan Zeitlin, University of Amsterdam

Discussant: Ana Juncos, Bristol University and Sarah Wolff, Queen Mary University of London


Jasa Veselinovic, Freie Universität Berlin, “Crisisification” of European Foreign policy within the crisis of the Liberal International Order: Strategic autonomy as a way of making sense of the interregnum

Calle Håkansson, Malmö University  The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) 

The Ukraine war and how the European Commission is becoming a geopolitical actor’.

Sybren Hardiek, Radboud University, ‘Kickstart or distraction? Addressing the ‘external dimension’ in European Asylum & Migration reform’

14h00-15h30 Panel 3- EU policies in times of crisis

Chair: Ana Juncos

Discussant: Jonathan Zeitlin University of Amsterdam


Michael Bayerlein, SWP Berlin, ‘An Ever-Healthier Union? EU Funds as a Means of Expanding the European Health Union”.

Emma Leenders, Radboud University Analysing the Machine Room: A Deep Dive into Instrumental Leadership in Decision-making for the ETS-2

Jeffrey Rosamond, Ghent University, ‘Defining a Climate Agenda for Europe in Times of Crisis: Political Ideas in the European Council.