SGEU 2020 Biennial Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops for Early Career Researchers

The SGEU supports the organisation of three pre-conference workshops dedicated to Early Career Researchers on 3 June 2020 at Luiss University, Rome, the day prior to the SGEU biennial conference.

The format is geared specifically towards ECRs (graduate students, PhD candidates, post-doc researchers and other academics in the early stages of their career) seeking to collaborate with one another or to receive input from more senior scholars around a specific research- o career-related theme.

Please find below further details for each of these workshops, including – where applicable – the call for applications to join and the contact details of the organisers:

  1. OpenEUdebate pre-conferece workshop on research outreach for early career researchers
  2. Ponte dell’ Accademia – Career Development Workshop for Early Career Researchers or Making the Way from PhD to a Post-Doc: Planning, Pitching and Academic Storytelling;
  3. Democratic Backsliding in Europe: Theoretical and empirical approaches.

The SGEU is providing financial support to allow ECRs to attend these workshops and the conference itself. Please contact the respective organisers directly with any questions and your application to join.